Getting Ready for School....

It seems so many people are already Back to School... but not me! Our first day with students will be September 5th. However, I feel like I have started as I get my room ready. This year I am changing to an ocean theme. I wanted to share an easy trick I learned from another teacher at my school for a way to add a little extra decoration to your theme with fun magnets. I bought this puzzle from Melissa and Doug - they have a ton of cute ones and if you search you can get a good deal.
Then I bought round magnets from the hardware store and hot glued them to the back of each puzzle piece.
And now you have adorable magnets to use in the classroom... I should have taken a picture of them from the front too! Soon I hope to post some pictures of my classroom.

Here we go...

While at the Kindergarten Conference in Las Vegas this past July I met many of the bloggers I follow (which was very exciting) and I made my decision to start my very own blog!  And here we are over a month later.... Yes, it's taken me this long to get it up and running.  Partially because I have been sitting on the beach trying to force myself to not think about school in the summer!  The key word is "trying!" I worked with Jenn at TCBOTB to help create this blog... and she did such a great job to make everything look exactly how I had hoped.....Thanks Jenn!

I knew there were a lot of teaching blogs out there, but I didn't realize just how many until now. I must have missed the memo telling me to do this sooner. Oh well, I'm trying it now! I hope that my little corner of the blogging world can be helpful to someone out there. It's because of other teaching blogs that I have gotten so many fan-tab-ulous ideas!! It's time for me to try to give a 'lil something back.