Apple Palooza 2014

I am gearing up for Apple Palooza 2014!!

You know.... when every single thing we are doing in class is apple based..... from language arts, to math, social studies AND science.....and cooking and probably P.E. too!

This is such a fun time of year and there are so many ways to integrate apple mania into your curriculum.

I recently found these awesome apple sponges!! Check them out!
My mind has been swirling with ideas to use these things in my classroom.

I have a few thoughts, but I know what, my sweet followers will have some awesome-ness to share.

So notice how there are 2 packs of apples above?  They are both the same - one side is green and one is red. AND.......

One pack can be yours if you share a comment below with an idea of how to use these! {Please number your comment starting with 1 so I can use a random generator to pick the winner! And please leave your email}
{sorry....giveaway is over now! Congrats to our winner, Kathryn!}

Want more apple ideas?

I have a fun little Apple Tree Book that is a favorite in September! It is on sale for $2.00 until Wednesday!!
Apple Tree Book Kindergarten Crayons and Whimsy
 Here is a quick little glimpse of what you get:

And this....
And you can read and see more about it if you go to THIS post!

And as if I past apple post wasn't enough to send you on your way... um, check this out:
Possibly my favorite photo we take! This idea is from Shari Sloane and I blogged all about it HERE.

{P.S. Yes, I was worried about lice too when I first used this idea... but I keep some Lysol spray nearby between kiddos and it has been fine!}

Little Red Riding Hood from Kohl's {Freebie}

You may already know this.... but I buy ALL of the  $5 hardback book that Kohl's sells.

It's true.

And then I blog about them and offer a small freebie. This is my third Kohl's post- see the others HERE.

If you didn't know: Kohl's not only offers hardback books for $5.00, but they donate 100% of the profits to a children's health or education initiative as part of their Kohl's Cares Program.

And no, your coupon won't work on these...but you are getting a hard cover book for $5. And while you are in the store you can shop the Lauren Conrad section....or at least that is what I do....her stuff is my favorite. Not only her clothes...but the shoes and jewelry are worth making the short walk to each department.

Anyway, this time I am featuring Little Critter Little Red Riding Hood.
Little Red Riding Hood Kohl's Crayons and Whimsy
This is the good ol' story of Little Red Riding Hood.

It would be good to incorporate when reading other versions of the story {Common Core Standards RL.K.9 or RL.1.9}

Or for older friends it is a great time to talk about speech bubbles, because that knowledgeable little mouse has something to say on every page!

Little Red Riding Hood Kohl's Crayons and Whimsy
I know that the "lift the flap" feature will be popular!

Right now my friends and I are learning about colors to kick off our school year using my All About Colors unit.

All About Colors Crayons and Whimsy
I am thinking of sharing this story on "Red Day," but then revisiting it later in the year and at that point use this Beginning/Middle/End practice.
Crayons and Whimsy Little Red Riding Hood Freebie Beginning Middle End
In fact this little freebie will be sure to cover Common Core Standard RL.K.3 {kindergarten} and/or RL.1.3 {first grade} and yes, I am aware that the K and the 1 are indicating the grades and perhaps it is redundant for me to list the grades... but for some new "common core-ere" I thought I would just be clear.

Anyhoo.... that standard {in both grade levels} asks that little ones to identify the characters, setting and the major events in the story.

You know, like the part where the wolf disguises himself as the grandma!

Whenever I read these old school stories I think of how scary they really are! A wolf... in your grandmother's bed??!?! It's almost too much to deal with.

Anyway, I hope this freebie is useful if you explore this tale with your class.

Stay tuned.... I am sure I will have another Kohl's book to talk about soon!

September Currently

Currently time!

You know the drill. We get to link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade and share some fun:

And let me first mention that I have 2 giveaways going on for tiny bit can click {HERE} to go to the post where you can enter both of them!

Anyway, let's get started:

Listening: It is QUIET right now... possibly because it is after midnight... but whatever the reason, I am enjoying it.

Loving: I am excited to meet the 27 new faces that will make up my brand new class! I see them in less than 12 hours.... I know, maybe I should sleep, but I can't!!!!!

Thinking: You know... that to-do list is LONG {and probably part of the reason I am awake!}

Wanting: So today I was in Ulta telling my hubby, I think I need a new straightener... was tempted to buy it, but I showed restraint {new for me in Ulta} and then get home to see mine is broken. Um, is that not a sign? New straightener coming right up! Yay!!

Needing: help to decorate this little apartment. We just moved into a new place and I am having trouble finding the furniture and things that I want. We kept our couch and a few other key items, but I garage saled {just made that a verb} a lot of my old stuff. I'm not sure....was that a bad idea? Now our extra bedroom just has stacks of things in rows that used to live on shelves and in a trunk I no longer own.

I want to make it cute and look like a home even through it's an apartment and I am struggling with that. {P.S. Starting a new school year will really help this situation, too I'm sure...yikes!}

3 Trips: Okay so the rules are 3 places I have never been which is the only reason that France isn't on the list. If you know me or read this blog you will know I was in France this summer, I was married there and if I have it my way I will be back there soon. Obsessed with that place and really with Europe in general. I mean, I did marry a Euro after all :)

New Zealand is a place I have been talking about going to forever!!

Russia is a place my sister, brother and I tried to go to once before, but we waited until it was too late to get a visa.... oops! So we went to Estonia instead since it is close, but didn't require a visa. I LOVED it there - the people, food and architecture were amazing, but Russia is still on that list.

Lastly, China intrigues me! I am not as well traveled in Asia, but love Thailand and Japan....however, that is about the extent of my experience.

And as far in the USA Philadelphia is on my list. It is a city with a lot of US history that I have never seen.

Don't forget to enter my giveaways {here}! And don't forget to have a fantabulous four day week!!