Little Red Riding Hood from Kohl's {Freebie}

You may already know this.... but I buy ALL of the  $5 hardback book that Kohl's sells.

It's true.

And then I blog about them and offer a small freebie. This is my third Kohl's post- see the others HERE.

If you didn't know: Kohl's not only offers hardback books for $5.00, but they donate 100% of the profits to a children's health or education initiative as part of their Kohl's Cares Program.

And no, your coupon won't work on these...but you are getting a hard cover book for $5. And while you are in the store you can shop the Lauren Conrad section....or at least that is what I do....her stuff is my favorite. Not only her clothes...but the shoes and jewelry are worth making the short walk to each department.

Anyway, this time I am featuring Little Critter Little Red Riding Hood.
Little Red Riding Hood Kohl's Crayons and Whimsy
This is the good ol' story of Little Red Riding Hood.

It would be good to incorporate when reading other versions of the story {Common Core Standards RL.K.9 or RL.1.9}

Or for older friends it is a great time to talk about speech bubbles, because that knowledgeable little mouse has something to say on every page!

Little Red Riding Hood Kohl's Crayons and Whimsy
I know that the "lift the flap" feature will be popular!

Right now my friends and I are learning about colors to kick off our school year using my All About Colors unit.

All About Colors Crayons and Whimsy
I am thinking of sharing this story on "Red Day," but then revisiting it later in the year and at that point use this Beginning/Middle/End practice.
Crayons and Whimsy Little Red Riding Hood Freebie Beginning Middle End
In fact this little freebie will be sure to cover Common Core Standard RL.K.3 {kindergarten} and/or RL.1.3 {first grade} and yes, I am aware that the K and the 1 are indicating the grades and perhaps it is redundant for me to list the grades... but for some new "common core-ere" I thought I would just be clear.

Anyhoo.... that standard {in both grade levels} asks that little ones to identify the characters, setting and the major events in the story.

You know, like the part where the wolf disguises himself as the grandma!

Whenever I read these old school stories I think of how scary they really are! A wolf... in your grandmother's bed??!?! It's almost too much to deal with.

Anyway, I hope this freebie is useful if you explore this tale with your class.

Stay tuned.... I am sure I will have another Kohl's book to talk about soon!


  1. My mom always picks up those books and stuffed animals for us when they change them out since I don't have a Kohl's near me (we're spoiled I know). My kids love the Little Critter ones! :)

    Not Just Child's Play

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