Apple Palooza 2014

I am gearing up for Apple Palooza 2014!!

You know.... when every single thing we are doing in class is apple based..... from language arts, to math, social studies AND science.....and cooking and probably P.E. too!

This is such a fun time of year and there are so many ways to integrate apple mania into your curriculum.

I recently found these awesome apple sponges!! Check them out!
My mind has been swirling with ideas to use these things in my classroom.

I have a few thoughts, but I know what, my sweet followers will have some awesome-ness to share.

So notice how there are 2 packs of apples above?  They are both the same - one side is green and one is red. AND.......

One pack can be yours if you share a comment below with an idea of how to use these! {Please number your comment starting with 1 so I can use a random generator to pick the winner! And please leave your email}
{sorry....giveaway is over now! Congrats to our winner, Kathryn!}

Want more apple ideas?

I have a fun little Apple Tree Book that is a favorite in September! It is on sale for $2.00 until Wednesday!!
Apple Tree Book Kindergarten Crayons and Whimsy
 Here is a quick little glimpse of what you get:

And this....
And you can read and see more about it if you go to THIS post!

And as if I past apple post wasn't enough to send you on your way... um, check this out:
Possibly my favorite photo we take! This idea is from Shari Sloane and I blogged all about it HERE.

{P.S. Yes, I was worried about lice too when I first used this idea... but I keep some Lysol spray nearby between kiddos and it has been fine!}


  1. 1. Such cute apple ideas! That headband is just too precious! I would use those sponges for sponge painting patterns or for some fun apple themed sensory play with water. I can't wait to see all the other fun ideas!


  2. 2. I love your ideas. I always enjoy apple week. I would try to hot glue drawer knobs onto the sponges so that it would be easier for my little ones to hold when doing stamping activities.

  3. 3. I would do an apple test test. Then they could sponge paint their favorite color of Apple on to a class graph.

  4. Hmmmm.....all of the ideas above are great. This year, my kids seem to love headbands. I think I would do an apple patterning line on a sentence strip and make it into a headband. No matter what...these are super cute and I would love to win them. I haven't seen these before and I am sure I could do LOTS of things. I love to teach the apple unit.....there are so many cute things out there!

  5. 5. I would use them to stamp a pictograph of favorite apple flavors!

  6. 6. These are so cute! I'd use them for graphing (making a pictograph), stamping out color patterns, or using these instead of Do-A-Dots.