Halloween Costume Ideas for Teachers

Yep... it's time for a review of some Halloween Costumes from my school and our creative staff. This is my 3rd year in a row doing a post like this....
A. because I am proud of my school and our Halloween spirit
B. because I want to give you some ideas for EASY costumes that are great for teachers.

You can see the 2014 review here and the 2013 is right here.

But let's move on to  this year...and I also want to say that I work with some creative people, but also some people who are resourceful....so it is possible a few of these ideas are from Pinterest or another blog and I am not able to appropriately credit them because I just don't know.

My kinder team has two very preggo mamas... one of which is me... so we tried to incorporate that into our gig this year. Meet the "K" Basketball team:
Basketball Adult Easy Halloween Costume Idea Crayons and Whimsy Pregnant Costume

The first grade team did a simple Sesame Street theme... but look, these are too much fun:
Sesame Street Adult Easy Halloween Costume Idea Crayons and Whimsy

Second  grade went more traditional with Goldilocks and the Three Bears:

And the most classic costume this year was third grade's ghosts:

Fourth grade made me laugh with the mouth chasing the M&Ms:

Fifth grade won the award- literally, they did win... for best team costume for Operation.... I never would have thought about dressing up as a board game. Love this idea:
Operation Costume Idea Teacher Costumes Crayons and Whimsy
And how about an action shot of all of them showing off this creative team Halloween costume to the whole school at our parade:
Operation Costume Idea Teacher Costumes School dress up ideas
And funny enough while creating this post I found an old picture of my kinder team...I think this is 2011 when we did The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I am the strawberry and if you are wondering.... yes, we are almost all wearing colored tablecloths..... that means our costumes were less than $5. The stems are brown butcher paper twisted up and glued on 99 cent headband.
Hungry Caterpillar easy to make Halloween Costume Kindergarten Teacher

And just for fun I will share what my hubby and I did for Halloween this year. So at about 3:00pm on Halloween....we actually decided to talk about what we should be.... oh, the party starts at 6? We better get on it.  That is so us....for better or worse.

The debate was...do we make a "pregnant Halloween costume" or just a regular one.....after a quick Google search we decided on the "pregnant skeleton costume"- I can't credit just one source, there are countless tutorials and awesome looking ideas for this... so even though it isn't the most novel idea, we liked it.... and decided to try the QUICK one hour version!!!

We ran out and bought some cheap black shirts and sweats, white fabric paint and blue felt.

And then we got back and my hubby was doing this:
Halloween Pregnant Skeleton Costume

And and hour later we had this:
Halloween Pregnant Skeleton Costume
{Sidenote: Don't you love our friend's chalk paint covered surfboard for message writing?!}

And one more with a close up of the "baby"
Halloween Pregnant Skeleton Costume
And that is all my friends.... hope you got a few useful Halloween costume ideas for school, home or wherever you may need to be dressed up!

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