Halloween Costume Review 2014

This 2014 Halloween Costume Review is coming to you one day after our annual school Halloween Parade. Why send it now since Halloween is over? Well....it is never to early to start planning for next year! And plus I am so proud of my school I want to share with all of you!

I did a similar post in 2013 which you can see HERE!

My team decided on Chicka Chicka Boom Boom this year. I truly thought this was a universal book that all knew.

I learned that isn't the case.... many parents were not sure what we are. Upon telling one of them, "You know, the book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" The reply was, "Oh yes, Chicken, Chicken Boom Boom."

Ok. Well. Sorta.

So here we are- Chicken Chicken style:
{yep, that's me in the green tennis.... kneeling down}
And yes.... there are a lot of us....that is all the kinder, TK and all of our wonderful aides!

And in case you were wondering- we bought brown t-shirts for $4 each... and the pre-cut felt letters are at Hobby Lobby. The best part of the costumer is that we got to wear just regular jeans!

The "hats" are 100% home made: green construction paper and brown butcher paper {and brown construction should you choose to add coconuts!}
And now moving on...

Our fabulous first grade team were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

This year both our 2nd grade and 4th grade teams went with the super hero theme:

Third grade were garden gnomes.... love this idea!
And our fabulous 5th grade teachers were Duck Dynasty. And from what I heard one member of this team has been trying to go the DD costume route for several years. I love this action shot of them in our parade!

And lastly the office staff really embraced our "bucket filling" theme this school wide. I triple heart the ladles in their hair.

Fill More! Dip Less!!!
I hope this post may inspire you for some 2015 costume ideas!!

And before we go....can you please appreciate this carving achievement? I had nothing to do with this. If you know me, you already knew that was the case.

But being that I was at Hello Kitty Con this weekend, my hubby carved this pumpkin just for me!
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  1. I'm the only kinder teacher at our school and I'm 45 minutes away from the next school. I'm so envious of your team of teachers! What fun!

  2. I love all of the team costumes! Very cute! Our students aren't allowed to wear costumes at my school, which means no dressing up for the teachers, either :( Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!

    Paiges of Learning