Weekend Warriors: November Necessities

Weekend Warriors are back.....
So I am not sure why, but this Weekend Warriors theme stumped me at first.

What do I need?

There are obvious answers like...coffee, love, weekends..... and then there are other answers that are "so me" and if you stop by here often you may be able to guess what they are.... TRAVELING, Jamberry and shopping...so... no need to expand on those.

Then I thought...what do I truly rely on...what makes my life easier???

And although this answer may be a bit obvious too, I decided it had to be the winner! That response would be... TpT!

Yep, I MUST have Teachers Pay Teachers in my life! And I have wanted to share my opinion on this topic for a while.

With new curriculum maps and Common Core being implemented in every subject area I often find that TpT is my life saver!

I create so many of my own things, but I really like using materials from a variety of teachers.....  I feel like everyone has their own style and it is good for the kids {and me!} to be exposed to a variety of authors and creators.

There are also only so many hours in a day.  Sometimes after planning for my reading groups I need just one more extension activity for my high group or low group.... or one more craft for my social studies unit.... and how great that I can search, buy, then download something awesome.

I am sure you work LONG hours in your classroom, like me....like all of us. And TpT has allowed me to have just a little bit more of my own time back....I am still slightly overwhelmed and perma-stressed from September to June.... but TpT is helping a little!

I know there are some people out there who criticize TpT - or at least the idea behind it. They think each teacher should create all their own lessons. They feel that teachers are "cheating" or being lazy by using this amazing resource. They say that each class is unique and you should create your own lessons to match exactly your classroom.

And, let's be real about it.

The Common Core standards are the same across the board. The kids are all very different and as a professional it is my job to deliver the instruction in a way that is appropriate for my particular students....but the instruction itself can be the same.

In most cases teachers also have a text book or some type of official program from a publishing company. Why hasn't anyone criticized the fact that some teachers just follow the text book page by page by boring page? I could argue that perhaps the "lazy" teacher is the one who does only that and not that the teacher out there trying to find a hands on way to illustrate a new concept. Or the one willing to take a leap and try and new approach?

I use TpT as a place to get cute bulletin board ideas or crafts as well...... I have my own style- but sometimes I like to spice it up and use someone else's clever and cute idea. To me, it is exciting that I can find adorable-ness from someone half way across the world. And just a few short years ago that wasn't possible.

As both a seller and buyer on TpT I know that someone can create a unit that meets standards and they have their particular students in mind. Another teacher can purchase that unit, meet standards, but adjust what is necessary to meet the needs of her little ones.

The Common Core curriculum asks the kids to work collaboratively and I believe that TpT allows teachers to do the same. I become a better teacher by creating and sharing my own lessons as well as buying from the many talented teachers out there.

I love that technology allows TpT to exist.

For those who don't love TpT, I just want to point out that 15 years ago the idea of "being lazy or cheating" existed in the form of going to your local teacher supply store.  And getting  a magazine called "Mailbox" which I actually had a subscription to my first few years of teaching.  I would be so excited to see what new ideas it would have for me. I really looked forward to getting that puppy in the mail because I craved stimulation and new ideas...not because I was lazy, but because I wanted to provide the best overall experience for my students.

My goal is still the same. I am just so excited to have TpT to help me out.

I didn't really mean for this post to turn into a rant.... but as you can see...I went from not being sure what my November Necessity was to being very passionate about what I believe to be one of the best resources of our time.

Thank you TpT!


  1. So well put my friend! I am with you all of the way! Teaching is an art form and creativity shines on TPT! No one ever just hands a packet to their class and says go ahead... We teach the concepts with purchased materials as we do with any book activity. Why reinvent the wheel when time can be better spent on finding wonderful activities the students love!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  2. I absolutely love this post! I could not agree with you more. I discovered TPT my 2nd year of teaching and I truly believe it has made me a better teacher.

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  3. I WISH TpT existed when I first started teaching. It has hands down made me a better teacher! Can't even compare it to those Mailbox subscriptions we all used to have. HA!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers