Corn Counting Freebie

Just a short post with a lot of freebie goodness!
Crayons and Whimsy Corn Counting Kindergarten Math Freebie
Stopping by to share a little freebie that was fun to use as we learned about Native Americans and the first Thanksgiving.

Our math program has been hitting numbers 1-10 hard these last two months. I wanted to give them independent practice that was hands on....and also practicing our glue rules... you know,

"Just a dot...not a lot....put it in the right spot."

And then somehow the entire bottle of glue is on the table? Does that sound familiar?

Actually that didn't happen this time. It has happened, it could happen, but luckily, it didn't happen!

So in case you need a little number/fine motor/how to use glue practice then here you go...oh and I included the version shown above {numbers 6-11} as well as one with numbers 12-17.

math kindergarten corn counting crayons and whimsy

Speaking of FREEBIES... my favorite November story I use in class is a FOREVER FREEBIE in my TpT store. It is The Night Before Thanksgiving and it is a great little retell for this time of year. Hop on over to my store and snag it today! And RIGHT HERE you can find an old blog post to tell you even more about it!
Night before thanksgiving Crayons and Whimsy

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