Pattern Block Teepee {Freebie!}

I don't know about you.... but Day One of November in my classroom was a busy one. We took November by the horns and we are running with it. And when that fast paced chaos is over we will hit up December in the same fashion...I am sure you will be doing the same!

There was a coffee filter turkey calendar and handprint turkeys ALL today.

We are busy as busy can be....and coming up soon will be some Native American fun. To be ready for that I created this Pattern Block Teepee Freebie. 

Pattern Block Teepee Crayons and Whimsy Freebie

Later in the week my littles and I will be creating one of these:
Crayons and Whimsy Teepee
That is a life size teepee, I have contemplated making it "real" as another teacher in my school used to do with PVC pipes.... but I don't really trust my construction instead, I just prop mine in the corner where two bulletin boards so it at least seems more 3D like than just being on one board.

The kids each paint one symbol on there. {They get to paint a whole bunch more on their own Native American vests they will make alter in the month.}

But now let me return to the pattern block topic......

This freebie has both color and black and white versions.....
Pattern Block Teepee Crayons and Whimsy Freebie
I plan on laminating a few of the color sets to be used over and over..... but I like the black and white version.... obviously useful if you don't have much color ink {which is all of us} but I also want to have the kids cover their own teepee in blocks and then color in the blocks the appropriate color {using the version in the top right above}

Or if that is too simple I will give them the black and version of the teepee that doesn't outline all of the shapes and see if they can trace the pattern blocks and color those in. Super tricky....maybe too tricky!

I have a few other pattern block sets in my TpT store. One you may find useful this time of year is the Fall Set:
Pattern Block Fall Crayons and Whimsy
I am also working on a winter set....slowly but surely I will get it done. These things sometimes try my patience! As you may know if you stop by here often, my hubby helps me with these. So I will rephrase that last sentence and say - WE are working on a winter set!

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  1. Thank you for the freebie! My kids are loving the fall pattern black cards! I had one student continue making the cats tail all over the carpet. I can't wait to see the winter cards!