Abraham's Hat.... in Pattern Blocks

If you follow my blog you may know that creating pattern block activities is something I love to do.

So I decided to add Lincoln's hat to my Abraham Lincoln Mini Unit.

Abraham Lincoln Pattern Blocks Crayons and Whimsy

The hat comes in two versions - both are shown above {and also available in black and white}...... Plus a recording sheet which also comes in 2 versions.... a total of 6 pages of pattern block related items have been added to the product.

So if you already own this then just go re-download it!

Speaking of Abraham's hat.... do you think it is true that he kept notes and reminders in his hat? For some reason I'd like to believe it is.

Here is a preview of the whole unit:
Abraham Lincoln Mini Unit Crayons and Whimsy

And before you go....if you like doing directed drawing...

and I bet you do because the results are amazing and not only is it great for teaching drawing skills....it's good for following directions!

Go to THIS POST from last year to snag a great Lincoln Directed Drawing Activity for FREE.

Abraham Lincoln Directed Draw Crayons and Whimsy

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