Let's Draw President Lincoln and an Abe Mini Unit

Today I am off work in honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday... so in theory this post should have gone out to you a lot sooner.

Oops! That didn't happen.

I have two Lincoln related items to share with you today... one freebie and one new product.

Let's start with the freebie. One of my favorite things to do is this directed draw lesson of Abraham Lincoln.

Warning... if you do this with your class Abraham Lincoln will be in every drawing they do for a while...

It is likely you will have Abe hanging out with leprechauns in their journal writing next month....
I 'm serious. They are so dang proud of themselves that they just keep drawing him.

Can you handle these? I do this whole group...and for me that is 29... so chances are that number is lower for you... so give it a try.

I draw my Lincoln on the SmartBoard... which doesn't lend itself to making this look too good... but who am I kidding... it wouldn't be much better if it were on paper. Their versions would be superior to mine no matter what.

Get your own step by step directions HERE! Then just cut some white paper to 5x17, fold it in half ahead of time and you are set! You can see below how they begin drawing him with the paper folded:
I have the kids draw him with black crayon.

Need more Abe related fun in your room?

I have a fun little Abraham Lincoln Mini Unit on Teachers pay Teachers.

{preview pictures updated January 2015 to include a few new items!}

Do you see that fun pretzel log cabin in the bottom corner? It's one of my favorites!

And just because I love them.... please look at two more... I promise, 29 are not being shown to you!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh my! I love your Abes!!! They are so cute! Totally pinning :)
    Curious Firsties