Brusha Brusha!!

Fun fact of the day...

I found out that eating pickles is bad for your teeth.

Who knew? I sure didn't.

I decided I should "brush up" on my tooth knowledge... to get ready for this week of teaching all about Keepin' Our Teeth Healthy.....and so I was browsing a list from of the best and worst foods for your teeth....sticky candy, hard candy... yep... not good, got it... no news there....

but then it busts out at #5 with pickles....

But don't fret, in moderation, they are okay it reads....

Anyway, that is a random tidbit and comic relief rolled into one.

This year my little ones and are making a GIANT toothbrush craft with a promise on it.

Our promise is to brush our teeth at least two times a day.  It also has a check off for the kids to document that they are brushing twice daily.
I am asking them to post these artwork masters in their bathrooms or by their bed as they keep track of cleaning their teeth.

I put this craft along with a graphic organizer about healthy teeth into one little craftivity pack on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Then in four weeks any or all of my friends who return this little ditty will get a trip to our surprise box in class to celebrate their documentation. Here is how it should look when I see it at the end of the month... or maybe a check mark or a sticker or whatever floats their boat....

If you are doing a little tooth action this week you may want to get your hands on the book I Know Why I Brush my Teeth By, Kate Rowan. It isn't a short one... this thing is an in depth extravaganza, but the kids are engaged and love learning new vocabulary such as molars and incisors! 

And this song Brusha Brusha is clearly for pre-school friends, but my kinders LOVE it! And no, it isn't the song in Grease!

And you know.... I have had great luck with getting local dentist offices to donate free toothbrushes... just ask!

I gotta run... I am off to brusha brusha myself!

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  1. I love that Brusha Brusha song! Too cute. I totally scored from Colgate, they sent me a kit with toothbrushes and some activities. I also found a giant toothbrush and teeth in one of the science kits. I love your check off chart.