Subtraction Towers

Just a quick post today so I can share a little freebie.....
I'm always looking for fun new ways to practice any skill....especially tricky ones like subtraction.

Today we started to play a simple game called Subtraction Towers.

It's easy because all you need are unifix cubes.... which I bet you already have.

The kids create a tower.... break it in half...or actually not necessarily "in half"... they break it wherever... and see what is left....

and ta da!

You have have a subtraction equation!

They just love this.... you know,  getting to break stuff can be fun!
Click  HERE to download your copy of Subtraction Towers for FREE!

Today we played this in a directed way and we all built the same towers to start.....

Later in the week I will either let them choose the starting number or I may say, "Today every tower you make will start at seven" or whatever number.

In the freebie you will see that you can run off just one side.... or both sides to keep the action going for a little longer.

I just wanted to share it since it has been such a hit in class.... and really helping us "get" subtraction.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It always helps to have a few little extra tricks in your bag.