Last Five for Friday of January

Friday I'm in love..... my favorite phrase to start my Five For Friday... So here I am linking up again...

Ready....Set.....Here we GO.....

1. Kids are sick.... it's that time of year, right?

Even though we've had nice....even everyone is still getting sick!

I only had 23 kids in class yesterday...although that may sound like a normal class size.... for me that means 6 absences!

One of the teachers at my school had this great put a container of Lysol wipes at each table for the parents or aides or any human who has hands able to clean a table..... so this week I stole this idea and am crossing my fingers it helps us all healthy....
Just click HERE to download your copy of these tags! 
P.S. The second page just has one tag on it in case you have the little containers and want to wrap it around  the container... the size is perfect for the top of the larger size {both sizes in the picture above}... and let's be honest... We need the large size!

Not only is this a germ stopper.... it is a time saver as I usually spend a good 20 minutes cleaning the tables at the end of the school day. Ain't nobody got time for that!

2. For some reason I started two big art based endeavors for February.... I say it like that because why would I do string painting, sponge painting and starch/glue nonsense all at once? And let's also remember it is still January.... and why start a second project when the first isn't done? I actually do have a reason for that, but I won't bore you with it......

First, we started the Valentine Vest/Poncho as I call it...the littles are dressed up as a Valentine card...
See post HERE {includes a freebie} and directions

And next... these "Stained Glass WIndow Styled" Hearts:
See post HERE for directions on how to make these

3. Earlier this week I shared some pictures of my classroom as I try to do a mid-year makeover....mainly adding a Here is just one from that post:
This change is a work in progress.... although zero progress has occurred since Tuesday when I last shared......But you can check the original post out HERE and enter a $150 gift card giveaway hosted by TCR as they launch some chevron fun!

4. This is my random one for the week... there's always one of these.... but I want to talk about "chevron" as in the exact word....

I mean chevron is all the rage... the trendiest trend right now... so of course we all know what it is... or do we? 

I was laughing at something a friend wrote on Facebook...."Can someone please tell me what is the difference between chevron and zig zag?"

And I thought....hmm, good question.... as someone who is "chevron obsessed" I should know the answer.... and I found this on Honest Blog:

So if that is accurate......apparently I am "zig zag obsessed" but I am sticking to calling it chevron because that's part of the trend and I like it.

Do you have any opinion to add to this?  Please share.....

5. A few weeks ago I shared on Instagram that my husband and I were going to be in Louisville, Kentucky for 6 weeks this summer. Yep, six!

He is at USC {Go Trojans!} for PA school and has to do a variety of six week rotations...we requested that he get one rotation far from home, but never thought it would actually happen.... and it is!!!

So if you are, what is new about that? How did that make the top Five list this week....because I think we found our place to stay and the relief that gives me is AMAZING!

Thank you dear internet for making life so much easier! I don't want to jinx anything, but looks like we will have a cute house.... yes, house! Here is Southern California I have an apartment, but I think we will be in a house!

P.S. If you are from Louisville or even have been there and have some tips on restaurants, fun things to do or anything...please share with me!!

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Enjoy your Super Bowl Weekend!


  1. THose heart projects were worth it!!! I love them!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  2. Omigosh, kentucky? Lol! So glad you get to still "travel!" Im chevron aka zig zag obsessed as well...hope the craze stays awhile or a lot of things in my house will be out dated! And you must never rest or sleep, because your blog has made me exhausted just reading about all you are doing! That or pa school has consumed your husband and he is mia right now! Good job whatever the case! Can't wait till Nick is in kinder again...and as for sickness, two of mine had influenza a last week! And I love love my laminator... and ash loves that we have the same one !

  3. I loved this and was in dire need of a new Valentine's Day art project, too cute! I'm in the process of a mid-year makeover too. Was just putting magazine holders together this afternoon to start storing all of my math and ELA centers by month. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I live in Cincinnati and have gone down to Lousiville. It was a fun place to visit and a pretty drive to make. I look forward to hearing about what you think of our Midwest! :) Fun post!
    Curious Firsties