A Little Makeover Action...

I wish this meant that I was getting a makeover! Wouldn't that be fun? Well, a classroom makeover is just as almost as fun.....

Not too long ago  I shared this picture on Instagram:

And what I thought was going to be just a quick little border update to add some chevron to my life became this:
Yep, I called in reinforcements {aka my sweet hubby} to tear down the pale blue fabric for some gray!

Just how big is that wall? Well, it took 21 yards of gray fabric....good thing for the Hobby Lobby coupon and that the 25 yard bolt of gray fabric was brand new!

If you are interested in using fabric, but are worried about the cost another option is to use sheets. The flat sheet works well and you can trim down the fitted sheet. But if you want a specific color like I did...well, then plain ol' fabric it is!

Let me back up. I had found out that Teacher Created Resources is launching a brand new line of Chevron decor and I wanted it in my classroom...NOW!

No waiting for a new school year... so that sparked this mid-year change. {P.S. TCR is having a $150 giveaway... more info at the end of this post!}

I then kept coming up with more and more ideas I wanted to try.... and I am still trying things, changing my mind and adding.... so this endeavor is still not done .... but I wanted to share where I am at this point.....

I added a little sign to the library area using letter stickers from Michaels and the Giant Chevron Accents from TCR.
And those are the four colors I am trying to have everything incorporate: purple, yellow, gray and green.

My little ones have book boxes {from IKEA} that we keep guided reading materials in and other class made books. I used new chevron name tags and number stickers to give them a fresh look:

And then I added some chevron borders......all up in this place...
A little gray chevron with blue waves {I'm not sure how I thought to try this... I like the combination.... but I realize others may find if over the top!} The alphabet is from Ladybug's Teacher Files. The color fish and shapes I just made myself by hand.

Here is my calendar wall.....
The Welcome Banner is old.... and will be replaced soon. I wasn't sure about purple and purple, but it is growing on me. I am also trying to move away from blue so a lot of this will change to more yellow, gray, purple and green.
Here are some links to items you see: Purple Chevron Border, Ocean themed behavior management chart, the "January" title on the actual calendar.... and I am not sure where I got the months of the year and days of the week.

As for the 100 day countdown chart.... I buy a poster {like this one} each year and trim off the edges. I find this a lot easier than some of the other ideas out there...and by trimming the edges I get rid of whatever colors are on it, but still get the odd and even numbers color coded.

Last one....

Here is shot of that enormous board with 21 yards of gray! {Why isn't that catchy like 50 shades of gray?}
It's so big I can barely get a picture of it.... it is for sure a work in progress since it is still empty. 

So if you want a little new classroom decor to spice up the end of your year you will be happy to know that Teacher Created Resources is having a $150 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!

If you enter you can stock up on your chevron resources.... or use it to buy other fun stuff from TCR!

Good luck! And you know what... I am going to wish good luck to myself {are you allowed to do that?}... not for the giveaway... but with this makeover that has become a bigger job than I thought it would be!

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  1. Looks great!!! I can't wait to see what you add to it!