Valentine "Dress 'em Up" Cards!

Who doesn't love Valentine's Day?

Today I am going to share my favorite valentine I have my little ones make for their parents.....
There you have it.... it's them! It is those cute faces that I can't show you.... but believe me they're cute.... dressed up as the actual Valentine!

Here is a year with red.... and a little crown action too:
It is a vest/ sandwich board/ poncho style valentine!

In the middle is this poem:

I'm giving you a Valentine
Don't put it on a shelf!
It's one that you can hold and love,
I'm giving you myself!

I can share the poem with you... that's easy.... just click on the image below for your FREE copy:

For the "vest meets poncho" thing you need to draw a giant heart template. I used to cut two hearts out separate and tie them with yarn at the top.... more like a sandwich board.

I have more recently stream lined the process so that the hearts are connected as one....faster and easier!

Since the hearts are so large {I don't have the exact size, but they cover most of the child from the waist up} I use butcher paper. My school has this on hand, but I think {hope} this is the same stuff if you you click here.  

Then I fold the pieces and trace.... sorry that I can't just let you borrow my tracer.... it's just a bit too big for that.

I pre-cut them.... it's too big for the kids to cut!

And now is the fun part.... decoration time!

This year we are doing a sponge paint - string paint combination.

Sponge painting you saw above and let me just tell you... I don't buy heart shaped sponges.... they are out there, yes, I know... but ain't nobody got money for that... it's sponges at the 99 cent store and cut them yourself.  Super ghetto... but they work just fine!

We started the string painting side today. They L-O-V-E it! I feel it is one of those old school kindergarten activities that you don't see all the time, but it is great for fine motor skills, plus it is FUN! {It does take a while since they have to do it one or two at a time.... but worth it!}

Here's an action shot:

Here's a finished one {minus the poem}... which may go on the other side with the sponge paint...
If you are new to string painting.... I think the trick is to have "handles" on the string that can't go in the paint.... although let's be real... they do {I end up changing the string every 3 or 4 kids} And to have a paint brush that can help get the string covered in paint....

Need more Valentine's Day fun? Check out my Valentine Mini Unit on TpT!


  1. These are terrific, I've never seen anything so cute in all my years!!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
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  3. Love your ideas cute! Thanks for the poem!!
    Elyse :)
    Proud to be Primary

  4. This is the most adorable valentine gift ever! Will definitely be doing this one! Thanks so much!

    The Bender Bunch

  5. I love, love, love this. What font did you use for the poem?

    1. Hello! I'm glad you like these. As for the font, it is CCSweetSpirit which is by Cara Carroll {and I just love all her fonts!}

  6. We made the hearts and my class wore them today in a Valentine parade. It was adorable. Thank you!