January Calendar Time {Freebie!}

Yikes! Break is almost over ..... but still one more sweet day of sleeping in!

On Monday one of the things my little ones and I will do is make our January calendar. I prepped it all today... and made 2 samples.... I'm not sure if on Monday I will be feeling more washi and scrapbook paper:
 or more glitter:

When doing this calendar activity I explain symmetry and that I would like their mittens to be symmetrical. Is symmetry a kindergarten Common Core standard?.... Nope.

But I like introducing a little new vocabulary and just asking them to be critical in their artwork. They can decorate their mittens however they like, but it requires critical thinking to try and make each of the mittens the same...whether coloring, "washi"-ing, cutting and gluing or glitter-ing {apparently I can just -ing to any word!}

The whole mitten idea lends itself to right and left so January is a time that I hit this skill hard.....

We do this poem {same one shown on the top calendar}

And when we do this little poem with movements on the carpet and speaking of critical thinking... it takes a little on my part to use my opposite hand when facing the kids. It gives me more respect for my work out instructor who not only does things backwards, but is also doing a full work out. This is a bit more tame than that!

Anyhoo.... all the pieces for the calendar and the poem {both full page and small size} are available in this freebie:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend peeps!

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