Snowman Mania.... plus a freebie!

It has been snowman craziness up in my classroom!

Did I mention the part that it was 86 degrees today? And in the 80's every day.  Yes, it is January. Yes, I am in the Northern Hemisphere and yet.... it's hot, hot!

But dang it... we are still learning about winter....

Since no one will be making a real snowman we are making them in other ways.

First up... on the computer....

We are just learning how to use Pixie and how to create a text box people... so everyone had the same sentence... which ironically is a blatant lie! I see snow.... or perhaps "No one sees snow" would have been better!

Next up.... my favorite may be these clay snowmen! I blogged the step by step directions for these little guys last January, so just click here!

Don't fret... they won't look like strange aliens for long! You can see my sample {with a missing button} in the far back!

We have also done several activities from my Snowman, Snowman Winter Unit...

They loved this Brrr! Sight Word game:

And here we are painting the covers to our "Snowman, Snowman What Do You See?" books.... You may notice that I added a bit of salt to the white paint. That gives it a little texture that the kids enjoy!

I blogged HERE more about that winter unit!

We are working in groups to make this messy, but worth every second of it, Let's Build a Snowman Book by Heidi Songs.... LOVE all of her music. This song is on her Language Arts CD... which honestly is so great.... But {HERE} is a little YouTube Video of the Snowman Song that I show the kids when we start the whole project. And then it is time to make these books {I bought the CD with the "printable projects disc" and it has directions to make these darling books!}

Now the best part... a freebie! I love pattern blocks... love them! My kids enjoyed creating the pattern block snowman too!

Here is a little pattern block snowman action..... you know, another snowman that doesn't include real snow for those of us living in summer-like conditions!

What fun snowmen activities do you do?

Oh and don't forget.... I am giving away a pencil sharpener this week... Don't forget to enter HERE!

And thank you to Molly at Lucky to be in First for hosting her linky Fabulous Freebies on the 15th! I am happy to be linking up with her today.... and look at that.... it is actually the! on time?! That's new!

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  1. Those snowmen paintings are TOO cute! And you are braaaavvvveee for doing clay with your kiddos! Thanks for the cute goody!!

    Lucky to Be in First