Use Your Hands!

A few weeks ago I blogged about the great book finds at Kohl's {see that post HERE} .....yes, how random that Kohl's has books???  And matching little stuffed animals.... and the best part is the profit goes to charity.

Today I am back to share another freebie with another $5 hardback book guessed it... Kohl's.

Today's featured book is Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb:

Five bucks for the book and five bucks for the matching monkey.

It isn't the most exciting story, just rhyming fun in a very Dr. Seuss way {although with a different author.}

We are focusing on right and left right now as we talk about mittens ..... you can see a fun right/left poem that is in my January Calendar Freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers and read my post about it {here.}

In fact, my kids went wild with laughter when the monkey started doing the motions to our Right Hand, Left Hand Poem." I am not a big puppet teacher.... but this was lots of fun.

So I thought this would be a good time to discuss what we actually do with our hands.

We also read My Hands by Aliki which touches on right and left, but also names each of the fingers and gives some ideas of what we use our hands for.

Next it was time for my little ones to share their own twist on this.

I was hoping we wouldn't have any "I use my hands to blow my nose," because that is suggested in one of the books... and luckily it didnt' feature in their writing....I love love love ALL of their ideas... here are just a few:

And then I had two little ones go with a fruit based response and they are excellent!

Check out these hands... large and ready to grab any sized pear or apple!

And this one makes me smile....

I'm going to put these into a class book as part of a book bag with the stuffed monkey and the two books I shared above. Every little one will get a chance to take it home!

Feel free to snag this recording sheet for free. Just click on it below.

Oh and don't you worry... I have will have another freebie soon to go with another Kohl's purchase as these hard back books that donate money to charity seem to be my pattern lately. In fact... I've already purchased Put Me in the Zoo... so stay tuned for that.


  1. We love kohls $5 books too, nicks favorite is put me in the it at kohls now?