Do you use geoboards? I LOVE them and so do the kids!

We are learning about shapes right now and so I decided this was the best time to introduce the geoboards so that they can be an independent center soon.

I always start by letting the kids explore.

Then I have them make basic shapes. As they get better my directions become more exact. For example, "make a small red rectangle" rather than just "rectangle."

The next lesson I pull out these geoboard number cards I have... I have no idea where I bought them! Does anyone recognize these?

Later in the year I will add a recording sheet!
This is also a fun site where students can create on a virtual geoboard:

Geoboards help students learn about shapes, practice following directions and it helps to build fine motor skills!


Teachers for Lane

Tonight while reading other blogs I found out about this very cool thing that Ashley from "The School Supply Addict" is doing! She is helping a boy, Lane, who had been diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer.

 It is a win! win! for everyone - if you donate to help Lane, you will get 50 "Yes. F-I-F-T-Y" (and that is a quote from Ashley herself) products for your classroom!

So head on over to help Ashley raise money for this little guy! She has pictures and a link to Lane's Facebook page, too! Plus, her site is a great resource! Check it out!