Five For Friday Time!

This was the longest 4 day week ever. Longest!!!! But I am happy to be linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching because that means it is FRIDAY!!

The short weeks can trick you sometimes. And to prove it .... I am exhausted. I told 3 people this week that I am going "Whale Tasting" tomorrow....

Um? What?

Don't worry... I'm not....

So Number 1 for this week....   I am really going "whale watching" tomorrow... but I think that secretly I wish we were perhaps going "wine tasting" and again... I am be honest, it's been funny to see the people's faces when I make this mistake....but three times? What is wrong with me?

And for the record... I am not a big fan of whale watching... but my hubby loves it. LOVES it! So we seem to go more often than necessary... but apparently there a lot of gray whales out and about right now.

2. This week I had the privilege of watching another teacher teach.

Even after 15 years of doing this gig I know there is always more to learn... and seldom get the chance. You can go to workshops, stalk blogs, obsess over Pinterest for a few hours..BUT watching another professional in action beats all of that.

So why am sharing this... because I am suggesting that YOU try it! We can learn so much from each other and to be honest, that is what I love about this blogging community... but try it in your school {or district community} even if you can just pop in to another classroom for 15 minutes.... there is always something you can learn.

One little tip I got today... out of a million... was at the end of her Morning Message she writes

"I am ready to teach today! Are you ready to learn?" And after she read it, all of her kinders said, "We are ready to learn!" I LOVED it! LOVED it!

3. I created a little poem this week called, "Five Little Leprechauns" as I still am in shock that March is only a week away! This poem is about five leprechauns in search of gold.... I know, novel plot, right?

It is a little rhyming goodie... with a color full size book and then a smaller version for the little ones to have their own. I like it for retelling, rhyming words and all those foundation skills... you can check it out {HERE}

4. Also while we are talking about can actually get a little leprechaun ordinal number FREEBIE which is part of the Five Little Leprechauns... but it is FREE to all Facebook fans... and there are actually a ton of free things you can snag on Facebook this weekend.... check this out:

So if you hop over to my Crayons and Whimsy Facebook page you can then be led on to so many more goodies!

5. And last up... my friend Molly at Lucky to be in First is hosting a little bloggy birthday celebration and people you will be happy to know there are a lot of prizes...

And that my friends is the end of my Five for Friday!! 
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Whale watching??!! Interesting!!!!!
    And I love to watch others teach -- it is one of my favorite things to do and I wish I could do it more often!!!
    I am dying over your little poem and book -- MUST HAVE IT.

  2. I love to see other classrooms and observe my teacher buddies working with their kids. Your little book is adorable!

  3. I agree, I LOVE watching other teacher's teach!! We don't get to do it near enough. I'd rather visit other classrooms than go to PD any day! Maybe I'll ask my AP if we can schedule some visits to other schools?! Thanks for the idea! Have fun whale tasting! ;)

    Happy Teaching,
    Mrs. Thompson
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