Winter Pattern Block Math

Are you strapped in and ready to go? I don't know about you, but vacation ends in 48 hours for me.

It was fun while it lasted.... and although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed, I am also glad to see my class and get back in to the routine.

For the last 2 months I had the same item on my to-do list. Sitting there... and never getting done.

And finally today it is crossed off :)

winter pattern blocks crayons and whimsy math kindergarten

Yes- finally the Winter Pattern Block set is done. And yes, the Spring set now will sit on my to-do list!

Why do I do this? Why do I let it linger for so so long? I started these forever ago. Really... I mean, I even posted 6 weeks ago on Instagram saying I was working on them. we are just 2 short weeks officially in the winter season and they are done! I'm sure we will all sleep better tonight, right?

This set includes the following winter items:
*hot cocoa
*snow angel
*snow shovel

And don't even talk to me about a pattern block polar bear. Oh it was attempted.... remember the part where I have been working on this for a while. He just never really looked like a polar bear!

What is new this time is that I made them all available in black and white too.

This had been a request for some time..... so I made it happen {And yes, I do plan on going back in my other sets including Fall, Ocean and Zoo and adding black and white pages.... but at this rate, you may be looking at 6 weeks until I get to it!!!}

I printed out one of my black and whites today. I had thought it could be good to have the kids each get their own copy this way and they can trace in the shapes after they complete the item... but that is on the difficult side!

However, I also thought you could print it out and laminate them just like the color ones. I may mount them on a color piece of construction paper to group the cards by difficulty - just like the color ones already are.
Pattern block penguin winter shapes crayons and whimsy kindergarten math
And I went ahead and just colored in the pattern block shapes before laminating!

I still prefer the color version.... I like me a little color and design.... but I get it... color ink is pricey! So it's your call.

I also want to point out.... which if you are thinking, um, Christy, I already know that- sorry.... but it is just important for me to make sure people take into account that most of these designs can be done in many, many different ways.

So although I offer an "answer key" - it is only just one possible answer.... And my key matches the "use" section that I provide.

So maybe you want to use these instead:

With my pattern block sets you always get 4 levels of difficulty... the lavender one shown above is the hardest... just the outline and no clues!

Another idea is to use one of the easier versions, but when they finish each item the student is to remake the penguin or whatever it may be again- while looking at the one they already did.

This is perfect for early finishers!! 

Oh, you are done... great! Let's make that penguin yet again!
penguin pattern block crayons and whimsy kindergarten math
And you know what....this is good for them to see and understand how the shapes fit together in different ways.

And real quick....while we are on the subject of early finishers. Do you know how you have those same 3 kids that are ALWAYS the first ones done? 

Well, what I find when using pattern blocks is that sometimes you will be surprised who you are early ones are. Yep, spatial awareness skills are a bit different than other math skills and so your "usual suspects" may still be working and 3 new players will be the ones to finish first....and very proudly, I might add.

And last thing... not sure if you can tell in my pictures above.... but I have wooden pattern blocks. I also have the plastic ones which I assume are the more common way these days... but I inherited a set of wooden ones and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

Look how thick they are.... if I had a plastic one here I would take a picture to compare the two. But on the off chance you are in the market to get new pattern blocks you may want to go wooden. I found some HERE, but I can't be sure these are the same as mine. What I like, is how sturdy, thick and easy they are for the kids to use. The plastic get the job done too... 

And yes, those are Jamberry on my nails... and you probably already know... but yes, I am obsessed
with them and yes, I am a consultant and yes... I can help you if you want to try them out or learn more :)

Anyway, this little pattern block ditty is on sale until Sunday night for 20% off!

If you are heading back to the trenches on Monday morning like me. I wish you luck and I wish you the time in the morning to make a Starbucks run... you'll need it! Or I guess I am speaking for myself.... it is better for everyone if I have my coffee!


  1. This would be perfect for a center in my library! Love this idea. May have to go by school and see if there are any pattern blocks in storage.... or at least call my Kindergarten teacher.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  2. Just in time! I bought your ocean set but now I will put these in math stations!!! Thanks!! Traci

  3. My kiddos loved your fall set and I know they will love these too. I really love how I can differentiate them for all the different levels in my class. I have the wooden blocks too and I think they are the best.

    Luv My Kinders