One Word Resolution Linky

One word resolutions.... I like this.

It is short and sweet. And I can stop with my yearly, "Drink more water" resolution that I never seem to actually do.....which makes me think I should run and get a glass of water right now!

Ok so it was easy for me to pick my word....

Yes, prioritize my life and find balance......
Sometimes I know what my priorities should be, but somehow I find myself using my time for a variety of other random things.

I also want to make myself a priority. If that happens, well then it is possible that I may actually exercise, drink water and read.... again, those are all things that normally feature on my resolution list. So if I say them year after year I know I want them to happen.

So here is to 2015! I hope to prioritize my classroom life with my personal life.... plus a find a nugget of time for blogging and creating... and keep selling my Jamberry nails that I love.

I hope to cut back on Candy Crush and volunteering for random duties and commitments.

There you have it! Stop by the lovely collaborative blog, Primary Powers for more 2015 inspiration!


  1. I struggle with priorities, too. Sometimes I pretend that TV is my priority... when really relaxing should be it, and TV doesn't really allow me to fully relax. Thank you for the reminder to keep my priorities in perspective!

  2. I love reading your posts - I feel like we're just sitting and having a glass of wine and chatting! You have so much voice! I hear ya on the water thing - I need to force myself to drink it! Love your word - I am constantly trying to figure out what should be done first!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First

  3. Balance and prioritizing ourselves can be so hard, but so necessary. Here's to a great year!

    Swinging for Success