Fall Pattern Blocks and a GIVEAWAY!

It doesn't feel like fall yet... at least not around here....today is another day in the mid 80s.

But we are pretending it feels like fall in my classroom. These poor kids hear stories about leaves changing colors, pumpkins growing and a chilly breeze....yet there are palm trees, people in bathing suits and all things summer all around. It must be a tad confusing for them.

Anyway, I want to tell you about my NEW Fall Pattern Block set AND do a giveaway.

I love to use pattern blocks in my classroom. You can also check out my Ocean Animal Pattern Block set and my Zoo Animal set.

I think they are the perfect independent math center.

Fall Pattern Blocks Crayons and Whimsy

Fall Pattern Blocks Crayons and Whimsy

And as you can probably tell from the preview above, the cards are differentiated. There are 10 different fall items included:


If you are thinking....hat? That is random....well, the idea was a witch's hat, but not everyone can talk about Halloween....so we just kept it at hat.

Each of those 10 designs are offered in four levels of difficulty:
*The orange border provides all the lines of each block.

*The brown has the outline only, but there are directions telling you which blocks to use with pictures

*The yellow set is similar to brown, but instead of pictures it uses color words {just in case your focus is learning to read those}

*The red set is the most difficult with no clues or help at all. Just the outline of the object.

I use these in different ways - for example sometimes I will put the "easy orange" set on one side and glue one of the other sets on the other side. That way the kids can choose how much of a challenge they are ready for.

The set also includes recording sheet as well as a poster with all the pattern block shapes on there.

I believe strongly that variety and change keeps your students engaged. So rather than using all of these at once, I will probably only debut five cards at first, then after a week or so {depending on how much time they have had to use them} I will change it out {or add} to the other five cards.

I am doing a giveaway for this set...... here is the fun part. The winner will get the file emailed to them AND they will get a hard copy in the mail too!

{Hard copy will be 21 pages: orange and brown sets plus the pattern block poster page. All 4 sets will be included in the e-copy}

Who doesn't like getting fun mail?

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