Monster Week {mini giveaway!!}

We just wrapped up Monster Week!

A fun week of everything MONSTERS! As if there isn't enough to cover in October...right?

But monsters is such a fun theme that kids just love.

And to suck them into the madness is a little more I added some Jamberry flair. Every member of my kinder team got their monster accent nail.

We are ALL wearing this on our "reading finger" for monster week. The kids are eating it up!!!!! Anything to get those kinders tracking!

And can I talk about my love for this book? It has the best message about being kind to others and how in the end you will feel good about yourself when you are nice. It fits in perfectly with our "Fill Your Bucket" concept. L.O.V.E.

Crayons and Whimsy Monster Giveaway Jamberry

It's hard to see in the picture above- but I have a monster on my reading finger and some boysenberry chevron on my other nails.  {proof I won't have a career as a photographer anytime soon}

So to celebrate a love for monsters I am giving away a copy of my favorite monster book, "The Monster Who Lost his Mean" with a half sheet of monster Jamberry wraps! {A half sheet is enough to do one or two manicures... or enough to give about 9 of your friends an accent nail}

A runner up will get a half sheet of the wraps.... but sorry, only one copy of the book to share.

The picture below shows you all the different monsters that come on the half sheet... you can use all of them or just on your reading finger like me!
Jamberry Crayons and Whimsy monsters

This is a QUICK GIVEAWAY...not to be sneaky, but because I want the winners to have plenty of October left to enjoy their winnings!

So hurry up and enter!!
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