Hooray, Hooray it was FINALLY the One Hundredth Day!

We may have been the very last school to celebrate 100 days! So yes, when most schools will be celebrating their LAST day of school.... we will be just as far behind then.... oh well :(

We all dressed up like we were 100 years old! But the best part was a visit from Zero the Hero himself. I'd rather share a picture of one of my cuties with Zero, but since I can't, you're stuck just getting to see me. I can't even tell you how itchy that wig was!

We did so many activities- almost every single one is out of Kathleen Pedersen's pack. Oh my word it has great stuff in there. Click {HERE} to check it out. I also have her Zero the Hero Unit which we've been using all year, but finished up on the 100th day.

100 day necklaces:

100 dots:

100 Detective Game- students are searching for numbers posted around the room to make a mystery picture on their 100s chart:
 100th day snack:

And more... 100 day hats, sharing our 100 day collections and reading lots of books about the 100th day of school.

I was so wiped out it took me 3 days to sit down and actually blog about it!

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