Recently I was asked a question about my circus themed classroom I used to have so I decided to share a few pictures and take a walk down memory lane...

I loved having a circus theme, but I am also one of those people who has to have change often, so now it's all about the ocean.

A while ago I shared my circus to ocean transition- {Click Here} to check it out, but this time I am sharing a few circus pictures of when it was being used... not the sad destruction of taking it all down. These pictures are from two different school years... and 2 different rooms... but all circus!

I bought plain red fabric to make a red tent. I created the letters at the top, mounted them on blue paper and laminated them. There are many good circus fonts out there. Check out {this blog} for a few! On the side you can see my clip chart for behavior management. You can see a better picture of that {Here}

In the library I had this tent from Oriental Trading Company. I didn't seem to see it on their site now, but they do have some other things you may find useful if you are going to do a circus theme. The beanbag was donated by a parent and the little elephant rugs I bought in Bangkok.

It is hard to see in this picture, but there is a ringmaster (under the square) and he usually would have the "Ringmaster of the Week" (aka Star of the Week) poster next to him.  The ringmaster is a clip art from DJ Inkers on their Critter Craze Collection.

The above picture shows the same red tent as you saw above, but this time I used a smaller board and put the "popcorn words" (aka sight words) on there rather than my calendar. You can also see on my other bulletins I put accents that I made from Thistle Girl Designs. I LOVE her circus clip art! She does tell you on her site that the collection she has was made for use on the web, so when you print them out as large as you see in my picture (poster size) they are a bit pixelated... but when they are on the wall up high you can't tell.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting these pictures and links! I love how you had you calender wall under the red tent. I can definitely relate to being one of those people who has to change often!