From Circus to Ocean

This school year I decided to change from a Circus Themed classroom to an Ocean Theme. Why, I don't know... I just moved classrooms last year and one would think I should get a lil more time with it all before tearing it down!  I love having a theme in my classroom, but find that I like to change it often....why? Why do I like extra work?  So far I am loving the ocean theme.... so maybe this time I will stick with it longer! Here are some pictures of the chaos I entered when I walked into my room at the end of August. Do you ever feel like you may have a heart attack when you walk in for the first time at the end of summer?!

I did love how all the student work really popped on the black background. Most people thought black was an odd choice for a kindergarten classroom, but I loved it! But time to pull it all down!
These walls are TALL and LONG and it was a full work out to get it all down. There in the corner is my old circus reading tent that was in the library... it was a big hit so if you are looking to do a circus theme you will need one! I got that one at Oriental Trading Company. Now on with the ocean! I decided on a light blue background and used sheets from Walmart to cover all the walls. The work won't pop as much, but the blue will be soothing. Ocean classroom pictures coming soon!

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  1. I just found your blog via TPT and I'm your newest follower! I bet your circus theme was precious! It looks great just from what was left of it. How did you make the curtains for the "Under the Big Top" wall? Did you also use that wall to display student work?