Endeavour Sighting

We had a special treat at school yesterday when the Space Shuttle Endeavour flew directly over us on its last flight. The space shuttle is being retired, so it made sure this last lap through California was a good one! It passed through so many tourist attractions such as Dodger Stadium, The Queen Mary and Disneyland... not sure how we were so lucky.... but there it was right over us!

All 800 students were gathered on the field....waiting.... and waiting some more! It was a hot, hot day too, but finally it was there and so worth the wait!

I couldn't believe how low it was and how well we could all see it! The kids started screaming and yelling. It was a very cool day!

To top it off, it was the annual Gingerbread Man Hunt Day in kindergarten....yes, we do that in September and not December, but my oh my, it was a busy day! I'll post soon about all the gingerbread shenanigans!


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  2. We got a chance to see it too! It was so cool and so fun to see the excitement on the kids faces!