Kindergarten Friends Can Do So Many Things!

Before I start I have to say this post is a bit late.... so on the last day of September let me share a fun thing to do for your entire school year.

I create an "I Can" Book where the students complete one fine or gross motor skill each month and at the end of the year we compile them in a book.

Somehow I completely forgot all about this until this weekend - oh no!! How could I have done this when it is one of my favorites?! So, on Monday, October 1st my class will be doing the September page.... oops! I figure we are only one day off - so we are going to make it happen!

I do this book from September through May (or apparently October through May this year) and for the first and last month the activity is "I can draw me." It is fun to see the growth they make from the beginning to the end of the year!

In the other months we do things such as cut a jack-o-lantern or paint a snowman or make an origami cup out of gold paper for the leprechauns...guess which month that is for!

Years ago I made elaborate memory books and now with 29...yes, I said 29!!!! little ones in my class I want to simplify things, but still have it be special! I also think that our standards in kindergarten are so intense and yet, working on cutting and coloring and those "old fashioned" kinder skills is important too!

Here are a few pictures of the I Can Books... sadly, the only student sample is from September - the rest are mine (not as fun to see!) The fonts are different because they are from different school years:

The pages you need for this book and the directions for all the pages are available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. You too, could start this in October like me!

I have another fun "I Can" based activity I will share soon!

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