Super Thankful Thread

I am proud {and thankful} to be part of the new collaborative blog, Primary Powers!

We are linking up to share what we are all SUPER thankful for! And we are also inviting other bloggers to link up too... let's all be thankful together!
This doesn't showcase my whole family who I love, but just a few....especially since that little baby inside my sister's tummy is now one month old!!!

 And as for friends.... let me share this quote from Hello Kitty Con 2014 {P.S. Also thankful I was able to attend!!}
Wise words from HK...don't you think?

Overall...I have a life that is good. I wake up healthy and happy each day and that should be enough... done! That is what matters.

But that wouldn't be fun... to end this post here.... no, so I have more for you....

Yep...I am thankful for vacations and traveling and airplanes and maps and friendly people who help you when you are lost.

This is my friend and I in France just a few months ago. My poor hubby had obligations all summer, but this girl and I have seen so many places around the globe together - we hadn't done a REAL trip in many years but Summer 2014 was our year to do Iceland and France. Amazing.

Moving on.....
 How did I survive "BHL" before the home laminator? And how did anyone live with just Comic Sans?
I adore soup....365 days of the year regardless of the fact that I live in a fairly warm place. Just love it! From French Onion to Chicken Tortilla.... bring it on!
Ahh, yes I am thankful for Jamberry. You may think it is cheesy... but it is the honest truth. I love trying so many different combos, I love how many people ask me about my nails and I love the team of people I have met by becoming a consultant. 

I am shocked I am selling them..... I don't think I am good at sales- but I am good at liking and obsessing over cute things... and these puppies sell themselves. So if you ever wanna chat about Jamberry I am your girl... whether you have questions, need tips putting them on, or want to join my team. You can read about joining here or email me} You may end up like me...shocked you tried... but happy you did!


I just said ready, set, type...and this is what came out in the first 15 seconds:
{Try that game "The 15 second Thankful Game"... it's kinda fun!}

Last, but REALLY not least.....
You can hop on back to Primary Powers to see who else is linking up and get into that festive thankful mood!


  1. You crack me up!! Of all the things you wrote about in-n-out caught my eye the most! I went to CA 12 years ago and gorged on in-n-out. And I've dreamed about it everyday since!! I'll be thankful to have it again someday!!
    A Burst of First

  2. I'm right there with you on flair pens, Jamberry, Elf, fonts...but I've never been to In-n-Out (we don't have them here). Fun reading! Jen :)

  3. So true about fonts!! I picked the same one for my linky btw! :) HUGS!!

  4. Home laminator...the struggle is real if you don't have one ; )
    Love it!
    ~ Amanda
    The Take Home Teacher

  5. LLLOOOVEEE Hello Kitty! So jealous you went to convention. I tried going on a weekend, but there were only weekdays left. I didn't want to take a work day off to attend =/ And I too, would laminate everything if I could too...that includes the students!

    A LoveLi Class

  6. I want a home laminator!!! Very neat thing to have!!

  7. I'm thankful for your cute blog and great TPT products!

    Learning at the Teacher Table