Halloween Costume Review

I love my school and I love Halloween.....

 And one of the reasons I {heart} my school sooo much is because we get dressed up for Halloween and we have a parade! A school wide extravaganza of FUN!

So today's post is just some pictures to show you what my day was like.... and maybe give you some ideas for easy Halloween costumes.

Every year each grade level dresses up together. This is great because it takes the pressure off each individual... but it also prevents you from EVER repeating a costume...which can add up. But every year people impress me their creativity {or perhaps just their ability to use Pinterest..or both!}

Let me share my awesome coworkers:

First up, my kinder team and me {I'm the one holding the yellow Pete the Cat book}:

 First grade... as the four seasons:
 Second grade...a BLT sandwich... great idea!
 Bees! And I have to say, genius idea by 3rd grade to use duct tape on a black t-shirt:
 Guess who.... it is fourth grade:
 And I think the winner this year is 5th grade with the Magic School Bus...
Our amazing office staff:

After our photo shoot it was time for the parade! It is a tradition that includes fun Halloween tunes and everyone parades around to show off their costumes. Who doesn't want to dance around in their special outfit to Monster Mash?

As for rain.... in my 14 years at this school it has NEVER rained on Halloween... did I just jinx us for next year? Hope not! Today not only was there no rain... it was HOT!

Here my little ones and I are are waiting for the fun to start:
Time for kindergarten to enjoy the limelight:
 And once all the kids go... it is time for the teachers.... Best part, you gotta have a special song to parade to. That part is always fun and there seems to be a song about everything.... Today I learned there is a song about a BLT sandwich. Seriously, there is....

Last Friday I shared a picture of last year... we were Zero the Hero.... here it is again:
And I'm not going to go year by year with you people... but last one is one of my favorites from 2009 {it is Thursday, so a little Throwback is in order} And I will say that I feel like I look 10 years younger in that picture as opposed to just 4. Hmmm...

Play-doh! so fun, so easy.... and so perfect for a kindergarten teacher.
Happy Halloween peeps! Have a safe night!


  1. How FUN!!!!! We don't get to have a parade at our school :( And yes, it's a public school. Boooooo.

  2. Wow, a school that lets kids be kids and have fun on Halloween?! I'm impressed! I'm coming to your school! :)

  3. These are awesome ideas! You guys are so creative!


  4. I love the costumes! You have one very creative staff!


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  6. Hi! Can you tell me where the teachers got the play doh sign from?