Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Riddle Me This {October Edition}

Riddle Me This! That is the title of my latest item on Teachers pay Teachers. I have already mentioned it a few times, but I wanted to tell you ALL about it today....
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So, I want to start with why I love, love, love this little riddle book. The kids love it... that's why. They think it is a fun game. And although the riddles aren't terribly hard... what can be tricky is getting them to use language to explain HOW they knew what the answer is.

I start with the pocket chart looking like this:

They go from being covered.....
to uncovered.... 

Once we have done them all the kiddos get their own book to make. They love taking these home to read and share the riddles with their families.

I ask them to use the pocket chart when writing and drawing in their own book.

If you don't want to do the whole group activity first, they could just solve the riddles on their own... especially if you have true readers. In this case, I just put the words in the pocket chart and have them figure it all out solo.

These always turn out adorable!

And one last one....

I share this one because I am really not sure what those costumes are and I {heart} that.... What do you think? A mummy and Snow White holding a ??? I really don't know!

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