Stampin up a Little Love from Europe!!

So quite some time ago I had promised a giveaway...

I was just part of a Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway.... and congrats to the winner, Rachel May! But that wasn't what I had been promising.....

So now that giveaway is done.... let's start another!!

Here I present some Euro treasures for some lucky follower! Over the summer I was in a few Euro hotspots and I picked up a variety of fun stuff and I would like a few of my favourites with you! {I'm even spelling like a Euro!}

First up.....
I am giving away this set of mustache, I secretly want to keep these! The possibilities are endless....
 And a jungle alphabet stamp set.... which I don't secretly want to keep.... because I did buy myself a
set to keep!
And just when you may have been thinking.... um, neither of those things are specific to Europe.... let me say this.
A. I've never seen them here
B. Below is a true European treasure

This is a placemat that reads, "When I grow up I want to be a teacher." Funny enough Michelle, from Apples and ABC's was also in Europe this summer and had posted it on Instagram. So when I arrived in France a month later I was thrilled to find it in some little, local shop... I mean, it wasn't something I saw everywhere... oh no.... but when I did find it I had to 100% copy cat! {And, again, I definitely have my own one to keep of this as well!}

And just for fun I am throwing in my new "Riddle Me This" mini book....It has nothing to do with Europe, but has everything to do with October.
 Here's a sneak peak.....
And oh yes, the littles make their own...which is the best part!

Please enter if you want some "stamperfic" Euro fun mailed your way. And who doesn't like getting old fashioned, real mail!?!

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