October Currently

It's Currently time! I am linking up with Farley for this month's edition.

OK this is a {kinda long} random response.... but I gotta share. About 6 years I spent the entire summer in Spain, in the Canary Islands to be exact {actually to be exact: Tenerife} and it was just a magical summer for so many reasons. I had friends from all over Europe and it was great {However I didn't learn too much Spanish.... ¡Que Lastima!} It is also the summer I first heard of the music of Julieta Venegas - a singer from Mexico who I have since seen in concert and now have all of her CDs. My favorite song is Me Voy and that is playing now!

I. Finished. It! My Spider Mini-Unit is up on TpT...woohoo! It is only a little mini thing, but it is still a great feeling to know it is up and finished.
 It includes a cute little Itsy Bitsy Spider book, too!

Oh! No! I don't have a present for my hubby. Hmm, the birthday is quickly approaching... I need to get on that.

Sidenote: This is so typical of me.

I am, as always, wanting sunshine and heat.... and I will get it this weekend. We are going to the desert and it is forecast to be 93.....perfect! I know I should be excited for fall, and I am... I {heart} all things pumpkin. But I really would be happy for the weather to be hot all year. Yes, I am from Southern California and I have been told that I don't have an appreciation for the seasons. I don't think that is the case.... is it?

I always need sleep... who doesn't? But at night as I am Pinterest-ing I think....Ain't nobody got time for sleep.... but when that alarm goes off I have all the time in the world for sleep. Sadly, I just literally don't have the time to actually sleep. Does that sentence even make sense... how I have time for sleep, but not literal time? See, I'm so tired I can't articulate my thoughts. "Go to bed!" you can yell at me!

OK you may say.... um, really is that your trick?

You didn't know that?

And my answer would be... No, I didn't and how am I supposed to figure these things out unless I go hang out at the Apple store. So I got the fancy new iPhone update {ios 7 or something like that} and my battery is dying like crazy...so I go to close the 8 million apps and programs I have running in an attempt to save battery and guess what... it doesn't work anymore like it used to. Well, I just figured out HOW to close all these things down:
Double click on the main circle button.... and then all your open programs are shown to you and you can scroll through them.

Then you can slide your finger upwards on any one of them like you are sending them to iPhone outer space and voila! They are closed... and you will save battery.

Happy October everyone! Stop by Farley's blog for more Currently action!


  1. OMG I have been trying to figure out how to close all my apps too!!! Thanks for the super helpful tip!! And Julieta Venegas is my fave!! :D

  2. I have never heard of her, but I will add her to my Pandora list. Your spider unit looks super cute! Enjoy the desert :)
    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  3. Your nightly Pinteresting routine sounds all too familiar - I definitely need to catch up on some sleep too!

    Love to Learn

  4. thanks for the trick. (whispering) i didn't know that either . . . shhh. . .

    Elementary Expedition

  5. Loved readig your currently!! Thanks for sharing.


  6. Ok we have a similar music story! I lived in Costa Rica (student teaching) and that is where I first heard Julieta Venegas and bought all her songs! Andar Conmigo is my favorite :)