November Currently

Well hello there November! I have to say that it isn't my favorite month... I mean I love Thanksgiving... and well, November is home of my half birthday... and who doesn't celebrate that as an adult...right?

I am happy it is 75 degrees today and I am okay that when I teach my littles about Autumn leaves I have to show pictures of bare trees with all those beautifully colored leaves on the ground. And yes, we have fall leaves here in California, but we also have palm trees and many other trees in all their green glory still.

Anyway, I still welcome you November and have to say, at least I like you more than January....

On that note- here we go with this month's Currently:

Listening: YES! That is right I am going to a Blink 182 concert this week.... on a school night, too! My hubby surprised me with tickets last week. What's my favorite Blink song... well, since you asked, it is "I Miss You."

Loving: It's Saturday...what's not to love?

Thinking: Did you watch Blackfish on CNN? Well, you should. It's been on my mind all week.  I don't use this blog to get all political and I am not here to preach, so I won't. But when I read "thinking" I had to put Blackfish, because it has been what I have been thinking about since I watched it. So I just recommend watching it so you can make your own opinion.

Wanting: If you have read any of my other Currentlys I think that somehow I always fit "vacation" or "travel" or something of that nature on it...  Every. Single. Time.  And here we are close to a full week off of work... who can have a whole week off and not go anywhere... Ahh, I hope I get to!

Needing: Aside from the vacation that I want/need... I think I am good. I want to focus on being thankful.

A Yummy Pin: Well, there are probably 800 million yummy pins and I just pray that don't all find their way into my life....but this one is on my list to make. It is an Apple Pie Cookie from Home is Where the Cookies are.  {link to the pin is HERE}

Thank you Farley for another great Currently Linky!


  1. My almost children (do you have any of those...not your kids but around so much and you love them so much, they could be) were watching it at my house the other day. They were telling me how much more intense it was than they thought it was going to be. I was thinking I should watch it. Now I know I will.

    Terri Izatt

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  3. Happy 1/2 birthday . . . hehehehehehe! Miss you tons my friend!!!

  4. We watched Blackfish this week too! I told my hubby the exact same thing...never EVER going to step foot at Sea World again! Such an eye-opening documentary!!

    Sailing into Second

  5. Well, you have veto ly got me curious about blackfish. I'm at out to check it out. BTW. Nice to hear you focus on being thankful and not needing more.
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  6. I grew up in Louisiana, so I barely saw the beautiful colors of fall. The leaves just seem to turn brown, so I never really understood it. At least you are showing pictures to your kids to show them what fall is!

    Reading Toward the Stars