Where is the Turkey?

I {heart} that handprint turkey! I actually {heart} all handprint art items. I teach kindergarten so I think that is sort of mandatory...right?

On the day we paint their little hands we do two handprints: one for a Thanksgiving card to their parents and one for this fun project:

Let me back up a bit... These are three of my favorite turkey themed books:
There are an endless amount of activities you can do with these. I like to chat about the various settings we find the turkeys in.

Some are funny such as:
And some are a bit more realistic:
{The 2 above pictures are from either The Great Turkey Race or The Amazing Turkey Rescue...and I regret to admit I can't remember which one! But you probably just need both of these in your library anyway!}

We discuss how cool it is that when you are the author you can pick any setting you want! Those lucky authors :)

In math we are focusing on positional words: behind, between, above, below, next to... You know good ol' Common Core Standard K.G.A.1

So that is where our friend the handprint turkey makes his appearance.  When the volunteer or aide does the handprints I tell them to plop that hand down in a different place for each child. Some at the top or side...basically setting the stage for us all to have different sentences later on.

This year I had them all stick to a "farm-ish" type theme and we took inspiration from the above mentioned books that we were already very familiar with.  Next year I may allow them to do an ocean or jungle or other "crazy" setting.

The had to choose a position word from the chart and tell me the rest of their sentence. I helped them to write it. Here are a few more to see:

This may be my favorite....turkey ON a pig.
 And this little smartie wanted to use right/left which weren't words on my chart... but hey, that is a positional word, so let's do it!


  1. Thanks for the great idea, they came out really cute. We just posted someThanksgiving freebies on our new blog. Hope you can check them out and follow us. Thanks


  2. What great illustrations the kids colored with their turkeys!!!


  3. Must remember for next year!