Five For Friday November Eighth

Five for Friday.... or maybe we'll just have four this week... I don't know...will I stay awake for all five?

I'm tired.... why? Well....

Yesterday {as in Thursday.... as in a school night!} we went to the Blink 182 concert. So fun and they are so good live!

What's my age again? Well let me just tell you it ain't 23.... 

Oh and for the record by "30" I mean "30 something" but let's not get technical...

So I spent today being tired. Holy Grandma.

And on a somber note. Someone did get hurt at the concert in a fall from a balcony and I don't know this stranger nor do I know any updates, but I have been thinking of him today and hoping he is doing well.

On a random note. Did you know about this?
That Dr. Seuss has a Hollywood star? Um, I didn't. I've walked around Hollywood a lot...and I always read those names ...and last night this appeared on our way to the concert. I think my students will be seeing this picture when we celebrate his birthday in March. {It's on Hollywood near Las Palmas if you were wondering}

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Just asking, because that is where you can see a little more concert action.... and now...

it's time for The Five {if we can make it that long!!}

1. We are in full Thanksgiving Feast preparations this week at school. Do you do a feast for your students?

I would say ours is more of a snack than a feast... but it gets the point across as we attempt to reenact the first Thanksgiving. I'm going to blog more about that soon.

This week we got the mats done. I have a love hate with these puppies...hence why they are done at a center with a parent volunteer.  They are so traditional kindergarten and such good fine motor practice... but I don't look forward to it when the feast weaving day arrives!

2. We finished up our cornucopias... which I didn't take any pictures of, but I blogged about it HERE and you can see it on Teachers Pay Teachers HERE:

3. Speaking of TpT November-ish products. I finished and posted this Thanksgiving Math lesson... and guess what? It is only $1.00 today and tomorrow...

I created it to make sure I am hitting up all the different problem types. That is an important part of Common Core... Yes, adding is a standard- but our littles need a deeper understanding of adding so that we can move that equal sign, have the item we're solving for be an addend, etc.

4. I am participating in a giveaway with Easy Teaching Tools. You can still enter until November 10th! I am giving away the Cornucopia Craft that I was just telling you about.

And Number sweet little ones and I learned about Veterans' Day this week.

We made this tree map... I know, why only two little branches of facts? Well, I decided to keep it simple.

So I did...all five! Yay!!

And as always, I thank Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this fun linky!


  1. That ecard seriously made me laugh! I'm also 30 *Cough-cough* something ;) That card is so true that it's scary! Sometimes I feel like the old teacher in my school, because there are so many young 20 something teachers. Some of them call me mom....jokingly of course...both flattering and scary!
    And you may have been jealous of my Tuesday off, but I'm jealous that you get to walk around Hollywood. I would love to visit CA sometime!

  2. Always nice to stop by and visit another "Whimsy"! If you're tired now, just wait til 40. Still go to good concerts on schoolnights, though! :-)
    Whimsy Workshop Teaching