Sight Word Games

I try to fit sight words in wherever I can! They are a staple part of any kinder language arts program. You can read an old post where I explained several sight word ideas HERE.

Today I want to share two easy games that get your little ones engaged and are easy for you to prepare.

Because let's be real.......

Sometimes you don't have time to color print, laminate, and cut out some cards to make the cutest sight word game ever! Right? Don't get me wrong, I am all about cute, but sometimes I am all about doing it FAST and meeting the exact needs of my kids.

So...first up... Gobble Gobble Sight Word Game:

Target Dollar Spot is my BFF. That is where I got the felt turkey purse/container thing.... then I used my school's die cut machine to die cut turkeys {and while we are on time savers... I have an aide or volunteer...or me... go down to the workroom and die cut A LOT at the beginning of each month. Anything that will fit with the seasons or themes I am teaching. Then I have access to die cuts all the time.}

In this case I used the top 10 Fry words... and then 3 cards say, "Gobble, gobble."
 Here are my little ones playing it:
Here's what you do. A group of 3-5 kids can play at once:

1. Pull out one turkey. Read the word.
2. If you can't red the word then have a friend help you read it.
3. If you read the word on your own, keep the card. Otherwise, put it back in the turkey purse.
4. If you draw, "Gobble, gobble!" you have to say, "Gobble, gobble" in your best turkey voice...and sadly lose all of your cards you have collected from previous turns.

The winner is the person to have the most cards when the purse is empty... but to be honest, this little game can last a long time with those "gobble gobble" cards in there.

I always play this game at my reading table at first - just 5 quick minutes before we jump into our guided reading lesson. Then after about a week, I will put it out for them to do on their own.

One reason I don't laminate the cards is because these words were chosen for this year's class... or maybe just this reading group - sometimes different groups have their own words.... So these aren't for use year after year after year... because I have no idea what levels those kids will be. To be fair at this point in the year, I  could probably make a good guess, but the point is, I can personalize this game.

The second game...well, spoiler alert.... it is really the SAME game, but we have just "December-fied it"
The rules are the's the same... but the kids are so excited because it seems new.

December's word game is called, "Ho, ho, ho!"

In this case I don't have a cute Target Dollar Spot container... but my eyes are a lookin' for one! So we just go with an envelope! And that is okay... I feel like before I would have searched eight million stores for some type of cute Santa holder ....seriously, stop it! Time is more valuable than that... and one will turn up at some point.

And if you were thinking above... I don't have a die cut machine...well, don't fret, here we are using a notepad Santa made by Carson Dellosa.  I bought it from a local teacher supply store a while ago and don't see it on the Carson Dellosa site, but you can purchase it {here} or just check out Target or an office supply store for a themed notepad.

This set of words is the Fry words 20-30 {with a few in the previous list for review} I try to stick to 10 words per game, plus 3 of the surprise like, "Ho, ho, ho!"
If they draw, "Ho, ho, ho" they have to say it in a deep, deep voice just like Santa would.... this is serious business! {oh....and still put all their cards back inside the envelope.}
And before I let you go... last comment is... sometimes I hand write. I just had to get that off my chest... it isn't as cute, and to be honest I think the labels are faster for me. But sometimes it just needs to happen.

And why am I telling you that?

Well, because not only was this post about teaching sight words... it was about making life easier for you, the teacher! So please don't deal with labels if you think it is a hassle....
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