Monday, November 25, 2013

My Truth Monday... The Perfect Vacation

It's Monday, time to link up with Sunny Days in Second Grade for My Truth Monday. Today's topic is the Perfect Vacation....

Not sure I followed the directions, because this is a hard one. I love, love vacation... but who doesn't, right? In fact, I am a little mad because I am home this week....actually I am A LOT mad that I am home this week...don't get me started....

If you have read this blog you know I love to travel and I do it as much as I can! I have to share a domestic and international vacation. I really try to do a bit of both types of trips...some here at home and some far, far away.....
You see what I mean... I didn't really tell you my perfect vacation... I just listed about 80 vacations... sorry I just can't help it!

When I am traveling this is what I look like:
HAPPY! {that is most important} Hair is NEVER done {although that's true at home too}.... and I don't have a small suitcase...ever... and extra bags because I keep buying stuff. Here I am at the train station in Sitges, Spain {August 2013.}

We live on this gorgeous planet with interesting people everywhere... I just want to see it all!!!

And last little tid bit... if you are like me and just want to get on a plane and GO then you should read my post about teaching abroad HERE. I did if for one year and really hope to do it again!


  1. I too love to travel. Sounds like you have been to some really fantastic destinations! We share some of the same bucket list locations, I agree it would be difficult to pick just one.


  2. I'm the same's hard to pick just one vacation! I would love to teach abroad. I have been thinking about that a lot lately!

    The Craft of Teaching

  3. Love it! My husband ALWAYS makes fun of me because I don't know the meaning of traveling "light!" I almost always have a huge suitcase as well! What can I say, I love to shop abroad! :)