Broken Pencils are Pointless and Cute Nails are Priceless

So summer is officially over and a new school year is about to begin.

Although school is a week away I have spent only 2 hours in my classroom since school was out in June. That is hard for me to say or type because it makes me stressed just thinking about what lies ahead for me...insert the stressed emoji face here!
Does this picture make you ill? I almost can't look at it!

But I have been busy this summer from Iceland, France, Vegas, Louisville and most you see.... as I become a frantic mess this coming week I have to remind myself that I had an awesome summer and this is the price I have to pay now...and man, I will need reminder of this when the weekend comes and I am laminating and bulletin boarding.

During those short 2 hours in my room I was unpacking...and came across my TWO pencil sharpeners from Classroom Friendly Supplies. Despite the chaos shown sharpeners are set out and ready to use.

And well, I was thinking to myself this is really something all classrooms NEED so I am happy to be teaming up with the Classroom Friendly Supplies people to bring you a giveaway.

Plus, let's be real....this time of year is brutal and exhausting and so not-the-same-as-summer.... that I think the form of giveaways or however you get them....makes like a little better. {spoiler alert: there are 2 in this post alone!}

But let's talk about this sharpener! It's awesome. If you read this blog you may know that my other Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener is pink...but today I am showing off my red.... and that I like to put washi tape on EVERY single thing.

And you may know that this is my second pencil giveaway.....but honestly, look at the goodness...those pencils are sharp and it makes me happy.....if I could I would keep giving them away until every classroom had one.

I love the way this thing sharpens in no time...AND the way it is quiet. And since nothing else in kindergarten is quiet, we may as well get sharp pencils quietly. Want more information? Then watch this little video.

You can enter is the deal! You get to pick the color of the sharpener and you need to be a US resident {sorry those are not my rules!}

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And while I have you here let me tell you one more thing......another obsession of mine is Jamberry nails. Literally what did I do? I became a consultant so I could sell them all the time. They are vinyl, heat activated nail wraps that are fantabulous...

In the Instagram pic below I have combined two of my favorites: ice cream and Jamberry! That mint green gold stripe Jamberry is one of my favorites! {P.S. one wrap will last for 3 manicures...making these a great deal!}
And I just wanted to mention 2 opportunities to you.

1. I am looking to growing my  Jamberry team. I have loved every single thing about becoming a consultant. It is $99 to get started and that gets you a WHOLE lot of stuff! Plus a lot of support like me and many others :)

Email me {} if you want more information, a free sample or just click HERE to sign up now. I was impulsive and just signed up without knowing much about it. That was in June and I have loved every second of it, and have already had several promotions and bonuses along the way. I would love to have you jump in on this fun!

2. Also exciting is that the new Fall/Winter catalog for Jamberry launches in September!!! If you are  a hostess of a party you can lots of FREE jams! We can do your entire party over Facebook too! You can check out my Facebook page here! Email me for more information about that, too!

While we are here...I'm going to giveaway one FULL sheet of Jamberry wraps to someone! Why?

Well I shared that above...because this time of year is just HARD and the days are LONG and because getting free stuff is fun.....and I am so in love with Jamberry that I want to share it with you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And I want you to know.... I promise MORE GIVEAWAYS will be coming to this blog in the month of September!!!

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