Back to School Bloggy Bash!

Ahhh this summer has been amazing because I have had so many opportunities to meet up with some of my bloggy friends... and yesterday was no exception.

We had our SoCal Back to School Blogger Bash in Huntington Beach.
Crayons and Whimsy blogger bash
Ok so the solo shot with the sign is a bit cheesy, but just thought about deleting it and, let's just rock that! So there you go!

First of all, the cuteness of that sign was designed by the very talented Traci from Dragonflies in First and I was sad my friend wasn't able to join us. And the other talent who planned this fun was Hadar from Miss Kindergarten...also not able to join us.

However, here is Aris from Sailing into Second, Hadar and me earlier in the week scoping out the Huntington Beach scene. Aris and I stepped in to finish up the planning....
crayons and whimsy blogger bash
And I need to give a big shout out to Sandy's Restaurant who took the BEST care of us and were so willing to help!! If you visit HB you need to pop in - it is right on the sand so why wouldn't you?
Crayons and Whimsy Sandy's Huntington Beach
The best part was meeting so many new faces!!

I'd like to introduce you to EVERYONE....
Crayons and Whimsy blogger bash

I'm nervous to list everyone because what if I forget someone...yikes, that wouldn't be good.

I can say this I was thrilled to see my friends Michelle {Apples and ABC's}, Fran {Kindergarten Crayons}, Christine {xoxo Christine Marie}Layla {Fancy Free in 4th Grade} and to meet new people like Cheryl {Auntie Sweet Life} , Jen {Sparkling in Second} and so many others that I just can't list them all.

That's it from me! But check out the links below for a little more 411 on this fun day!

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