Show Us What You Bought Linky

So the Teachers Pay Teachers sale is coming to a close tonight.... and you know what, that is probably a good thing. I need to simmer down with my shopping.

I decided to link up with Blog Hoppin' to show off a little of what I got!

1. First off I LOVE these math Math Maniacs from Deirdre at Burst of First.
Um, how have I not already owned these? There are posters explaining all sorts of math skills from addition to place value, money and my absolute favorite page....tally marks! {Why is that such a hard one in kinder?} It also has all the letters and pieces you would need to use these on a bulletin board.

2. I met this TpT seller in Vegas... and I actually shared this one last night on my Facebook page {so I apologize if this is a repeat for you!}

But these beginning sound printable pages by Miss Teacher Resources 101 are ah-mazing!!
My only issue is to figure out if I want to use these as homework or in class review!!

3. Next up....I am now officially addicted to the all the Vocabulary Cards by The Tutu Teacher. I have random vocab cards for random units and months... but I like how clear and colorful hers are. Plus, I feel like I will need all of them so it will always look the same for the kiddos.

And....if you look below do you see how you get 2 versions of the color...and my favorite part... a black and white for the kids to have their own. Perfect!

So now I am thinking I need to get back and grab more! I grabbed the Zoo ones, Fall and Healthy foods...but there are a ton more!

4. I grabbed Smart Cookie Math from Molly at Lucky to be in First. Since I am kinder, I will be setting this aside until January for the majority of my class... but some may be ready sooner.

This is a complete system for monitoring math facts. The idea is for them to master their facts by the end... and again, that is maybe a first grade goal, but for my babies in kinder, we can still use this for those that are ready.

Now... the most impressive part about this is that there is an app to go with it. Yes, a REAL app...I'm not sure what a fake app looks like, but this girl created an app to go with this program. So when parents want a way to help at home...well, here you go try the Smart Cookie Math App!

This is a sample of what the kiddos will see:

5. Last, but not least, clip art. I have a few clip art favorites... but this time it was all about Ashley Hughes and her new "mini sets"
From top to bottom that is the Pumpkins Mini Set, Raking Leaves Mini Set and the Writing Mini Set.

So that is all my friends.... but honestly, writing this post makes me want to pop back over and see what else I can grab on sale before it all ends!

My store is on sale too! And don't forget to enter BTS14 at checkout for more savings!


  1. You found some great stuff! Love it all!

    First Grade Smiles

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  4. How cute are you!! Thank you! I'm glad you love the Beginning Sound Printables!! :) It was so nice meeting you in Vegas!!
    Miss Teacher Resources 101

    P.S. Sorry I just left you 3 comments!! I couldn't figure out the hyperlink!