New Planner Arrived... This is Getting Real!

Well hello!

I am here to share with you my new planner that I am THRILLED to have gotten in the mail today!

Only problem is this means school is almost here....although I still have a few weeks and I know many of you are IN it already going! I can't imagine that happening either...

Teacher planner Plum paper Crayons and whimsy
Are you dying over its cuteness? I am!!!

I'm also kinda loving my new Jamberry I just put on today, but that is another story!

Last year I did a more expensive personalized planner thing... and yes, it was fabulous and I liked it...not loved, but really liked.

But I decided that I just can't pay that much for a planner. At the same time I also can't handle the free one from you Lakeshore, just don't like/want your free planner.

I have also been saying I am going to "go digital" with my planner, but for some reason I like pen and paper with my planner. Maybe one day....

So, like Goldilocks, I found my happy medium. This affordable goodness from Plum Paper Designs. There's even a promo code at the end of this post.

I was so excited that I even started writing in it today. Um, if you know me you know how out of control crazy that is for me...but just for the first day... that is all I could handle.
Plum Paper Teacher Planner Crayons and Whimsy

Here's the best part... I tried to put in times on the left column, but then do you see that nothing AT ALL relates to those times. 
A. the first day is early dismissal so that doesn't work
B. Have you ever taught the first day of kindergarten? You won't do anything when you think you will anyway.... you just over plan and see where the day takes you. 

So what we have seen is that so far I have not truly used the planner. I am on the fence about writing my day vertically rather than horizontally... but last year I wasn't sure about horizontal. I guess I am hard to please.

I do love the area for "prep work" and you know what my MOST FAVORITE part is.... that the dates are already written in there for you!! YAY!!! Last year when I bought that super expensive planner {and I'm trying not to name names because it isn't nice or necessary} but that planner didn't have numbers already in there! I don't expect it from the free Lakeshore planner, but I do if I am spending cash on the thing.

There are monthly pages too...again dates are written in there!
Teacher Planner monthly Crayons and Whimsy
Now above I just threw in some washi tape on days with big events on them... because I am washi obsessed, but in the weekly picture you see solid color stickers that came in the planner {for a small extra fee} and the best part is that those stickers come in 8 colors and are built into the planner!

There is a calendar page like this for both 2014 and 2015: 
Plum Paper Teacher Planner Crayons and Whimsy

And my last picture is to show you the intro page for each month:
So basically you just saw the planner in reverse... first you would see the monthly tab {like "November" above} then the entire month and then weekly. There are also notes pages for each month and some other things like checklists and an address book for student contact information.

You get to choose which month your planner starts with which is a handy feature. They also make life planners, fitness planners and family planners.

Now for the bad news..... because these puppies are personalized and made exactly how you want it...they take a while. 

As in 3-4 weeks to receive I know that is probably too late for some people! Sorry! But if it isn't then {GO HERE} to shop and then use the code CRAYONS10 at check out for 10% off your planner.

Careful... if you click the link and see all the options then you may just have to order one! 

The good news is that you can get just one semester starting at $16 or a full year for $31. They even have the option to personalize it further by adding your class list... but we get our lists too late for that. Plus, I have gone digital for most of the stuff that would require having the student names involved... it is just my plans that still have to be written... at least I'm not using a fountain pen!

And before you go I want to share just one picture in celebration of my husband and my 5 year wedding anniversary! It is right now!

And I am so grateful for all our friends and family who traveled to be with us that day in France ..... and here are some of our most special friends {so I lied....two pictures!}
We'll be celebrating today by know, nothing says romantic celebration like moving does. Ahh! Oh well...... it will still be a special day


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  2. I am also a paper and pencil planner - I tried an electronic plan book, but I just didn't like it! I made my own this year. I can't wait to use it. I haven't written anything yet. I won't know my schedule until the first week of school.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you! Beautiful pictures!!

    And yes, I agree with you about the first day of kinder... You over plan and don't get to any of it because it's pure chaos! Haha

    Thanks for the info on this more affordable planner...I'm not sure I can make the jump to a planner quite yet. I make my own each year because I am so hard to please...and it usually changes every year too! Haha

  4. I was hoping someone would have a Plum Paper planner! I've been thinking about getting one but the pictures on the Etsy site are hard to judge if it's a good fit! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. Your planner looks great! I love the washi tape! Happy anniversary!

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  6. I had that planner last year and I did enjoy it more than the "other" planner as well. I did plan digitally - but then glued the pages in my book. I have the template if you'd like it!

  7. Hi Christy,
    We just wanted to thank you for making us feel so welcomed yesterday when John and I came into the gathering not knowing anyone. I love, love, love your matching planner and fingernails... my partner teacher is also into jamberry and the designs are so fun! Best of luck in your new school year; I start this week but John starts after Labor Day. Hope to see you again at another gathering soon! Take care! Carol of The Teacher Team