Our Famous Families!

We learn about our families quite a bit in the beginning of the school year. However, we recently just revisited the topic. Last week my friends made a book called "My Famous Family." We talk about the word "famous" and since each of our families our special and unique we need to make a book about each and every family in our class. We want everyone to learn about our families... and in turn, this qualifies them as famous.

The main new feature of this book is talking about their address. This is one of those personal development skills that is a kindergarten requirement- to know their address including the zip code.... which as you can imagine is the hardest part.

So that brings us to page one of our Famous Family books:

I think you get the idea even with all the blocking out I did to keep this little one's address private. I just love how she put her house number on the house itself!  This time I hand wrote the students' addresses in the top corner ahead of time. Usually I have these printed out on labels... much easier.

The other pages allow the friends to share special things they do with their families. Another reason I revisit families at this point in the year is that they are able to write and express themselves more than they could in the beginning.

I also like to talk about how all families are different. Who is in a family is different, how many people, what they like to do together and more. They get to share with each other.

Here are some samples:
And let me say this drawing looks exactly like the Starbucks drive through down the street.

And look at this, no problem spelling Disneyland... that would be because we are only about 25 minutes from the Happiest Place on Earth and I think most kids in my class think going to Disneyland a few times a month is as common as going to a movie. So needless to say, this wasn't the only Disneyland entry. I just love the tea cup ride illustration!

"My family likes to go to Mammoth" and check out the skis or snowboards...and I love to see the labeling, too!

The last page of the book just says "This is my family!" And my question is - does the child who drew the below picture have a banana tree in their backyard?

Oh and if you are wondering about the weird shapes drawn around all the words then check out my post on Sight Words by clicking {HERE}

We'll be keeping this books in class for a while in our book boxes so they all have a chance to read and share with as many classmates as possible. Plus, I am hoping to really get that address practice in!

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