A Leprechaun Visit!

This has to be my last post about leprechauns! I want to share what we do on St. Patrick's Day itself... or for this year, what we do on Friday since St. Paddy's day is on a Sunday.

When the kids come in the classroom things will be out of place, the unifix cubes will be spilled all over the carpet and it will just be a BIG mess!

The kids will find a note from the leprechaun. Did you know that leprechauns have really messy writing? Here you can see some of my friends finding the note... and look at that - the leprechaun left the cap off of the marker! The kids go nuts over this since I am cray-cray about capping pens in my room.

They run around and check all the traps! Look at this one! We didn't catch the leprechaun, but we can see his footprints to know he was there!

I make those footprints by using my own fist - like this:

Add a few fingerprints for the toes... and this is what you get:

Another fun thing we do is the leprechaun leaves us a "magical" treat. Inside this bag:
And I will say some years there is a bit more creativity in the bag. Anyway, Inside is this:
Did you know that pistachio pudding is a white powder that magically turns green when you add milk? I didn't either... but I learned this trick from another teacher. I put the powder in a ziplock or tupperware which then goes in the decorative bag shown above. There will be a note from the leprechaun telling us to mix it with milk and that we must use the mini whisk. (That is a random tool I got as a gift on a bag of scone mix a while back. But it's the perfect lil' leprechaun tool!

When we stir in the magical white powder with milk... which of course is white... the kids go nuts when it turns green! It is so fun!

I will say - one box is more than enough because most of them don't love the taste of it and I think they are a bit nervous to eat it.

Have fun! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


  1. Too cute!! The leprechaun is visiting our classroom this morning, too...he left green footprints and green cupcakes! I can't wait to see the looks on my kids' faces...they are still amazed by the Desk Fairy, so I don't think they'll have any trouble believing a leprechaun was in our room!


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