Educents Kinder ALL YEAR Bundle!

I am 2 days away from freedom...from summer.... so I am hesitant to use the words "next year." Yikes! Can we even go there?

Well, I am thinking...YES we can!!

Now I would also think that right now it is hard to think about the next school year...this year or really anything school related, right? 

What topics are better? 
The beach..... books...... reality TV......pretty much anything that isn't about school.

BUT...this little bundle o' fun will be gone once you want to think about school. So for just ten minutes let's do this.... let's get you a great bargain that will help you tackle this coming school year.

What is awesome is that this little thing has a little something something for every single month of the school year.

And I am excited to announce that I am part of this. Yep, this is my first time teaming up with Educents and I am pumped up about it! 

So when you are starting to think about school and all that comes with it.... wouldn't it be great to have a unit {or even 2} for each month of the year. And all of this for $'s an amazing deal.

What is my contribution in this super mega-packed bundle?

It would be a little Valentine's fun and then some Butterfly action!

My second contribution:

While we are chatting about February.... Can I tell you that another awesome product featured in this pack is the Presidents' Day Prep Less from  Lauren over at a Teachable Teacher.

But wait.... there is more... {sidenote: if you stop by here often then you know that I love the TV infomercial approach!}

Seriously though... IF you buy the Full Year Kinder Curriculum Bundle using THIS LINK then you can get your choice of ANY item in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for FREE!  And don't forget to hit "Follow Me" while you are at TpT!

Yep...just forward your Educents order confirmation to me at, include the name of the resource you would like for free from my shop and I will email it back to you as soon as I can.

Hurry.... this offer ends on Thursday, June 19th!

You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below!


  1. Such a GREAT deal!! :) 2 more days....can't wait to hang out over the summer. :)


  2. The Love Bug Unit is to cute! I'm loving it!