Cows in the Kitchen!

Last week we read the book Cows in the Kitchen... it is just fun in a nutshell. You know one of those books that the kids love because it is just so wacky and it has rhythm to it!

The farmer falls asleep and next thing you know there are cows in the kitchen and pigs in the pantry and just overall chaos!

Afterwards we discussed what would happen if those animals came in our classroom! The kids get to complete their own page for a class book.

 My favorite part about the picture above is I think that is me with my hands on my hips. Um, do I do that? And does my hair look like that? I'm hoping the answer is no to both!

I like how they put the animals sitting in chairs!

I give each child a small cut out of the animal. When we are learning about the farm we actually spend time doing a directed draw of each animal, but even still in this case I like giving them the animal. I ask them to think about the setting.... our classroom!  Where will the animal be in the setting?

When they are done we bind them into a class book!
You can download all the materials you need to make this book with your class for free {except the copy of the Cows in the Kitchen book} Just click on the image below and it will take you to my TpT store.