Open House Classroom Tour {Part Two}

In case you didn't catch {Part One} just click {HERE}.

We're finishing up the tour of Open House that we had last week! I've learned recently that not all schools have an Open House at the end of the year. We do! It is in the evening and it is a chance for the kiddos to show off everything we have been doing all year!

The kids worked in cooperative groups to make these Seasons on the Farm posters. I talked a bit about that {HERE} and I love projects where they have to work together! In this case I gave them enough red paper to make the barn (Sidenote: we had done a TLC art lesson on the barn a week earlier and explains why they look so similar... fun to see they remember things we do!)  other than that, they had to use our scrap box (which is pretty full this time of year) to gather what they needed.

A bit of a closer look for you....
The computer drawings with matching sentences were done individually.

Next up... are our self portraits. I LOVE LOVE these! Don't be deceived by the picture below.... this is a 2 day painting adventure. The kids in the back are on Day 2 painting their face and any details on the  clothes. The kids closer to the camera are on Day 1 just doing the body and beginning part of the clothes. (You know... always a few absent ones who have to make up the next day!)
Next, I take dictation from them. I change it up each year.. but I have a frame that I work from as I call them up one at a time.  It always starts with "In kindergarten I learned ___________, ______________ and ___________." Then it may be something like this: "

Last on the line up is what we had on the tables.

1. In the back is the "Memory Envelope" It is a giant piece of tag folded in half and inside is 1-3 projects and writing samples from each month of school. My next post is going to include a {freebie} for that caterpillar art project!

2. The ABC book is 100% Kaye Espinosa from TLC's book. We make one animal each week of the school year. And ta-da!!!! It is ready to showcase at Open House! Click {HERE} to go to the TLC site.

3. The I Can book is a book I offer on Teachers Pay Teachers. The kids complete one activity per month throughout the school year.  The first and last entry is a picture of the kiddos drawing themselves... it is amazing to see their growth! I love it!

4. The Farm book is also a TLC creation. As you can tell... I am a big TLC fan!

That's all for today peeps! Thank you!

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