Christmas Wishes

So I am just getting home from a busy day of shopping and working. Man are those malls full these days! I didn't achieve all of my shopping goals, but I did OK. I found myself in the Sanrio store which is a problem because the only person I know who would want anything from there is me...   Yes, at my age, Hello Kitty remains my favorite! Love her! And I convinced myself that I "need" a new bag for school.....But I left empty handed.... it was a close call! Don't think I won't be back in there on December 26th though!

Then I stopped by my classroom later in the day.....sometimes it just has to be done on a Sunday. As I was working I looked up at my "Dear Santa," bulletin and it made me think about how sweet my little friends are and how we get jaded with age.  When I was shopping earlier I had the whole, "I want" attitude and I am running around that place like a crazy person because I have to get the perfect gift for everyone! And here I read this letter to Santa, "I love you because you give me presents." I just love that.

And with all the chaos in the mall it is nice to see some innocent appreciation. Sometimes the gifts and the whole Santa thing gets out of hand. And even though this little one is still saying- hey I like myself some gifts...he is being so sweet.

Sidenote: This is the time of year that I introduce the friendly letter. It is a good common core alignment to write a letter to an actual person....wink, wink. And as always, I love any project where a handprint is involved....or 3! I don't have the exact measurements for the "Triangle Santa" as I call him, but he's an easy one. This year I pre-cut the big white triangle piece, but normally the kids cut that shape too. He's also a good Santa for a parent card, but you can't shrink him down too much because no matter what the kids hands will remain the same size. I'll add his measurements soon.

I'm exhausted...good night!

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